Motivate the Family During Hot Months

The dog days of summer are here, and it’s very tempting for everyone in the household to stay indoors and stare at the computer or TV screen all day with the air conditioning cranked up. However, that’s not the healthiest option for your family — especially when this is the ideal time of year to be outside enjoying everything Colorado has to offer. But how do you motivate everyone to get up and get moving?

At Reunion, we’ve found several different ways to stay active and avoid melting in the sun. Here are our suggestions:

Motivate the Family During Hot Months

Get Up Early

Mornings are the coolest time of the day, so set your alarm to wake up around 6 or 7am so you can work out or spend time doing outdoor chores before the temperature rises.

Jump in the Pool

You have access to a fantastic pool here at Reunion, so why not take advantage on the hottest days? Kids can splash around while parents practice calisthenics along the side of the pool. It may even help to pack these fruit popsicle treats to keep things chill.

 Just in case you haven’t heard, Reunion’s South Lawn Pool will be opening later this summer, giving you even more motivation to throw on a swimsuit and head out to enjoy some sparkling blue water!

Play Water Games

Remember how fun it was to run through sprinklers as a kid? Or how excited you were when you skidded across a Slip ‘N Slide? Bring back those classic childhood memories — or create new ones — to keep everyone cooled off in the afternoons. Don’t forget: Nothing beats a good old-fashioned water balloon fight!

Motivate the Family During Hot Months

Take a Trip to a Water Park

You’re not too far from Water World, so take the kids out for a day! This park features 64 acres of rides and adventures — in fact, they have more family tube rides than any other water park in America.

Go Hike in the Mountains

As Coloradans, we have the advantage of being able to drive short distances to mountain paradise. If you go up high enough, you may even encounter snow even though it’s summer! A day trip or weekend vacation in the mountains is always a perfect way to escape the heat.

As a Reunion resident, what are some ways you and your family chill out in the hot summer months? We’d love to know.