Back To Life, Back to Reality

Are you having a fun summer vacation? Your friends at Reunion sure hope so! We’ve enjoyed seeing everyone hang out at the pool and the Rec Center this summer. However, we thought we ought to give you a heads-up that these lazy summer days are soon coming to an end. Before you know it, school bells will be ringing and we want to make sure you’re ready!  

We know what “back to school” entails for parents: The kids have been enjoying the bliss of endless free time, sleeping late, eating in front of the TV, and playing video games all night long. Now it’s your job to shift their developing minds back into “school mode,” and that can be pretty jarring.

Lucky for you, we have tips and tricks to help you get the kids out the door every morning — while keeping your sanity intact.

Back To Life, Back to Reality

Get back into a regular schedule

Don’t wait until the first day of school to drag them out of bed — instead, start setting their alarms early at least two weeks prior to the first day. You may have to re-establish rules about screen time at night to get them in bed earlier. Another good idea is to visit a museum or encourage them to read a book to get back into the learning mindset. We found this really cool list of ideas to help both kids and adults adjust to the upcoming school year.

Don’t overspend on school supplies

Before you go to Target or Walmart and start spending money willy-nilly, take an inventory of last year’s school supplies. It also helps to create a space somewhere at home to store these supplies so that they’re always easy to find. For fun, add a few of these simple and cheap creative touches like colorful pencil toppers, personalized notebooks, and DIY binders.

Back To Life, Back to Reality

Prepare fantastic (and healthy) lunches

Make the morning rush a little easier by planning the night before. We found a yummy selection of school lunch recipes that are easy to make, nutritious, and satisfying. You can opt for Ranch Ham Roll Ups, Peanut Butter Banana Wraps, Homemade Pretzel Dogs, or Baked Apple Chips — to name a few.

Take the perfect First Day of School photo

Posting a #FirstDayofSchool picture of your kid to Facebook or Instagram is mandatory, right? Naturally you’ll want to remember this moment forever, so take the best pic that you can! Get a jump on this year’s photo shoot with advice from a professional kids’ photographer, who will teach you how to capture the moment in just the right way.

Back To Life, Back to Reality

Organize a study session with a study buddy

Once classes begin and your student must deal with homework and tests, have them invite a classmate over to study with. You can host this gathering in your own home or even bring them down to enjoy the atmosphere at the Reunion Coffee House.

These tips should help keep the stress of the new school year to a minimum. Even though schools don’t open for another few weeks, starting on these items today will put you ahead of the back-to-school frenzy. Just promise us that once you post that first day photo on social media, you’ll tag us so we can see it!