Ten Pressure Cooker Recipes For Quick and Yummy Meals

So you received a brand-new pressure cooker for Christmas  — or perhaps you snagged one for a fantastic deal on Black Friday — and now you need a bit of inspiration. We’ve rounded up ten delicious recipes, perfect no matter whether you’re a newbie or if you’ve been singing its praises for years!

Ten Pressure Cooker Recipes For Quick and Yummy Meals

Pot Roast and Potatoes

Swap your full-day cooking time for a faster solution. Delicious, juicy, and tender pot roast in under 90 minutes from start to finish? Count us in. 

Whole Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower

Serve up this yummy, spicy cauliflower as a side dish or the veggie main dish at your next party — we think you’ll be amazed at how quickly it disappears! P.S. — It only takes one minute to cook!

Lazy Lasagna

Two of our favorite words when it comes to food: lazy and lasagna! Gone are the days of letting your lasagna cook for hours in the oven. Wouldn’t you rather have dinner done in under ten minutes? 

Egg Bites (copycat Starbucks recipe)

On-the-go breakfast options are hard to come by, but we are big fans of this solution. Save money, skip the drive-thru line, and still get your delicious egg bites in the morning! 


Juicy braised pork shredded in succulent spices — need we say more? Use this carnitas as a filling for tacos or burritos — or go low-carb and serve in a salad or over cilantro-lime cauliflower rice!

Ginger Lime Chicken Lettuce Wraps

The best part about this ginger-lime chicken is that you may already have all of the ingredients you need in your fridge and pantry. Plus, if you’re doing the Whole 30 food plan, skip the honey and you’re golden!

Sunshine Lemon Chicken Chowder

You’ll love this warming, chicken soup for the colder days — especially with the pop of lemon to brighten up the flavor and add some cheer into your winter!

Cajun Sausage, Potatoes, and Green Beans

The perfect meal for those busy weeknights when you forgot to prepare something in advance. You’ll be enjoying a scrumptious, nutritious, and filling meal in less than five minutes!

Steak Fajita Bowls

Using a pressure cooker really seals flavor into the steak in this recipe, and the possibilities are endless. Sure, you could keep it Whole 30 as is — or you could serve it over a bed of Spanish rice or in tortillas for added yumminess.

Fudgy Brownies

We would be remiss to not list a decadent dessert! Unsurprisingly, pressure cookers are incredible for making fast and moist cheesecakes and brownies. Might we recommend adding a scoop of ice cream on top of your warm brownies?

We know that whipping up a meal in one of Reunion’s gorgeous kitchens may be tempting, but whether you need a quick meal idea or you simply don’t want to turn on your oven, using your pressure cooker is a piece of cake — literally, if you’re lucky! Are you making any of these recipes? Tag us on Instagram so we can see your beautiful creations!