How to Have a Stellar Staycation

Now that the holidays are in the past and winter has set in, you might be feeling a bit restless for your next adventure. If you need a break before spring comes, why not schedule a staycation? We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks to make this your most relaxing holi-stay ever. 

How to Have a Stellar Staycation

Set Ground Rules 

No matter whether your ground rules mean no work, no social media, or no cooking or cleaning, it’s important to keep your days light and stress-free — after all, it is a vacation! A good place to start: Consider how much time you usually spend on activities around the house. Then, decide what your boundaries are and make a commitment to stay within them. If you must do laundry, it’s okay to do laundry! Just remember to stick to your time limit so it doesn’t take away from all the fun you’re supposed to be having.

Have a Spa Day

Release the stress and tension of the day-to-day with a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home. A little aromatherapy can go a long way — or try something exotic, like a Shiatsu massage. If you need a little more luxury, add a DIY facial or a mani/pedi to fully enjoy your spa day. A long soak in your tub — bubbles and wine optional — is always a fantastic way to unwind and relax.

Pick a Theme

One of the best parts of vacation is eating delicious food that represents your travel destination. Wish you were in Baltimore? Order crab legs! Wishing you had pina coladas on the beach? Break out the blender. If you’re into eating out and crave Mexican, ditch the dishes and have your fiesta delivered. Keep in mind that staying home can also be an opportunity to bust out your apron and whip up something new. One idea to get you out of your routine: Try your hand at making the national dish of a country you’ve always wanted to visit!

Explore Parts Unknown

Colorado boasts diverse activities, so you’re sure to find thrills cheering at a Nuggets or Avs game — eat at a local restaurant you’ve never been to near the venue or grab a drink at a nearby bar you’ve always wanted to try out. Traverse Rocky Mountain National Park and explore the gorgeous state we get to call home. Quietly stroll through a beautiful local museum like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or the Denver Art Museum. Remember: If you’re going to be a tourist in your own town, don’t forget your camera for group pictures!

Staycations are even better when enjoyed in a home you genuinely love. With quick move-in options, Reunion makes it easy to find your paradise and start enjoying your forever home immediately. If social media is allowed during your holi-stay, tag us on Instagram (@reunionco) in your best staycation selfies!