Improve Your Indoor Green Thumb with These Handy Tips

Improve Your Indoor Green Thumb with These Handy Tips

While we wait for warmer days, keeping our house plants alive and healthy has our spirits high and our homes lively. Whether you possess the elusive green thumb or not, we have tips to help you plant and grow your indoor garden.


Set Your Plant Up for Success

Visiting a nursery or garden center can help ensure your plants will see a long and happy life. Professionals can guide you toward plants that are already off to a good start and identify the types of plants that will thrive in your home. Much like when you adopt a new pet, your new plant will need supplies before you even get home. Your garden gurus will help you choose the right products — everything from fertilizer to insecticides — and can chat with you about what kind of humidity, water, and sunlight your plants will need. 


Start Small

If you’re a brand-new plant parent, don’t fret — keep it simple! You’ll find several resilient plants that can withstand your learning curve and still look stunning if you skip a few days of watering. To give your babies the best chance at survival, choose some that are low-maintenance. English Ivy doesn’t need a lot of water and will add a dreamy aesthetic to your bookshelf when its vines grow long enough to cascade over the edges of its pot. The Bamboo Palm can grow 4 to 12 feet high — even in low-light — and it will make a show-stopping addition to any room in your custom home at Reunion.


Utilize Surprising Tricks

Many of us know that houseplants need plenty of sunshine and water, but here are some unexpected tricks you can try when it comes to the basics. Much like choosing a home, choosing a place for your plants is all about location, location, location. Be sure to select a spot that maximizes sun exposure — like southern-facing windows over northern-facing ones. Strangely enough, mayonnaise, water from your boiled eggs, and even dish sponges can maintain your plants’ luscious leaves and prolong their lives by watering thoroughly and providing minerals to their potting soil. 


Get Thrifty

Building a collection of house plants might sound pricey, but it can actually be quite the opposite! You’ll find it easy to care for your plants when you use the same products you use for yourself. In the morning, give your plants a drink with any leftover water from the glass you keep on your nightstand. You can also use banana peels to dust their leaves, nourish their soil with eggshells or coffee grounds, and use ice cubes to keep them hydrated while you slip out on vacation. Poking holes in the soil with chopsticks will help aerate while clean used soda cans in larger floor plants can promote moisture drainage and decrease the amount of money you spend on potting soil.


Plant an Entire Garden

Succulents and cacti thrive when planted together in a variety of combinations. Don’t be afraid to break up larger plants and transfer them to individual gardens. They’re durable, grow in direct and indirect sunlight, and only need a bit of water. Choose pretty planters with good drainage and use pebbles, marbles, or beach glass to fill space in your pot or even elevate the plants so you can see their full beauty. Play with different textures, colors, and sizes to create a unique grouping. You’re on your way to planting a classic succulent and cactus garden sure to thrive in drier conditions! For more guidance, turn to aptly-named garden expert William Moss.


Be Confident

If you are one of the lucky few with a green thumb — but still need time to improve your skills — try expanding to the front porch. Place that gorgeous succulent garden you just made outside so you can easily water it with the garden hose. Add lavender to the mix and clip the blooms to enjoy its heavenly scent inside your home. If you’re ready to dabble in vegetable and herb gardens, invest in quality potting soil and use raised planters to help your plants get sunlight and thorough water drainage. As you chose easy-to-care-for plants for your indoor garden, go with veggies like peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and squash. You and your family will have a blast harvesting your home-grown items and incorporating them directly into your meals!

At Reunion, we believe your home should be a reflection of you — right down to your household plants. Creating a vibrant indoor garden can improve your mood, bring fresh oxygen into your home, and kick-off a new hobby your entire family can enjoy. By following these simple tips and tricks from gardening gurus, you’re on your way to improving your green thumb. Share your gardening photos with us by tagging us on Instagram!