Make the Most of Your Indoor Days with These Creative Ideas

Make the Most of Your Indoor Days with These Creative Ideas

In uncertain times, staying positive and productive can go a long way. At Reunion, dazzling floorplans make it easy for you and your family to spend time together and retreat for quiet time alone. While you spend more time at home in the coming weeks — and if you’ve already finished your spring cleaning — keep your family healthy and engaged with these out-of-the-box ideas.


Take a Trip Around the World

Shake off feelings of being cooped up by taking a virtual tour of stunning museums and national parks — even the volcanoes of Hawaii — mostly free of charge. If you missed the Denver Art Museum exhibit earlier in the year, gather your family around the computer to learn about Monet’s iconic paintings. While maintaining social distancing, get up-close views of penguins and panda bears via live cam footage from the San Diego Zoo. Experience the Great Wall of China with their interactive 3D tour — without having to climb all the steps. Virtual tours are a fantastic way to inject fun into your kiddos’ homework or to wind down after dinner. Enjoy your thrilling tour around the world — fortunately, it won’t take you 80 days.


Practice Music

Floorplans from Richmond American offer personalization options designed to give your family the ability to maximize the use of your space. In your downtime, break out your guitar or keyboard from college and refresh your passion for music. With so many handy — and free — tutorials available, you’ll be a musical maestro in no time. Richmond American’s Back Nine Collection features attached garages, perfect for hosting a jam session without disturbing the peace. When you select the perfect floorplan for your brood — and feel confident in your live performance — hold a family talent show in your cozy, modern living room.


Learn a New Language

The Shea SPACES Collection boasts beautiful eat-in kitchen counters just steps from the main dining area. Here, gather your fam to start learning the basics of the language you’ve always wanted to speak. If you prefer to learn solo, many apps make it easy for you to learn at your own pace. Progress through each level while preparing dinner, then challenge your family to practice pronunciation during your meal. Most programs allow you to study several languages at once, making it easy to learn the basics in a multitude of dialects all while doing the dishes.


Crack the Cover of a Fantastic Book

Take a healthy break from your movie marathon and dive into a good book — similar to re-watching a favorite movie, it’s possible to pick up on themes and details you hadn’t noticed before. Introduce your kids to your beloved stories by designating blocks of read-aloud time each day. Regardless of their reading level, share new and exciting worlds by bringing the Princess Bride to life. Act out your favorite parts, use silly voices, and take turns reading to each other. During your evening soak in the tub, dust off your high school or college books and melt into beautiful, timeless literature.


Break a Sweat 

Challenging times can easily throw off the balance of our day-to-day schedule. At Reunion, you’ll find it easier to maintain your mental, physical, and emotional health in a home you adore. Attractive floorplans — like the Park House Collection from Oakwood Homes — include space for you and your family to practice healthy habits. Stave off stress and anxiety by creating a yoga or meditation zone. On sunny days, place your yoga mat in the grass or on the patio to practice your poses. Without building a home gym, enjoy an energizing circuit workout in any room in your home. Explore free programs designed to keep you and your family moving during your indoor days. And don’t forget about Reunion’s miles and miles of open space and trails!


Help Out

If you plan to run errands, consider the benefits of donating blood to one of many dedicated facilities. With a shortage of blood here in Colorado, your donation could help save lives.

At Reunion, you’ll find stunning home finishes and a variety of design options from homebuilders that make life special and distinct. Staying active, healthy, and engaged during stressful times can be tricky — and Reunion is here to help make every day run more smoothly. For funsies, share your silly selfies by tagging us on Instagram (@reunionco)!