Must-Have Gadgets to Help You Work From Home

Must-Have Gadgets to Help You Work From Home

When you buy a home at Reunion, you’ll join a welcoming community that offers opportunities to create a healthy work-life balance. While we practice social distancing in the coming weeks, it’s important to be comfortable when working from home. We’ve discovered these handy gadgets designed to make remote work productive and fun.


Futuristic Gizmos

The good news is that your kiddos can benefit from these tools as well. Easy-to-use products like a point-and-click dictionary allow your grade-schooler to highlight a word from their book and immediately learn its definition. Encourage them to find the meaning of new words all on their own! You can eliminate the time-wasting act of untangling your headphones with a cell phone case that includes a grip that keeps them neatly wrapped. The best news is that these handy tools straight out of the future are simple to use and inexpensive — you’ll find it easy to order them for the whole family.


Ergonomic Tools 

While working remotely, you may find that your kitchen chairs aren’t as physically forgiving as your cushy chair at work — sitting in one spot for a long time can take a painful toll on your body. Fortunately, you’ll find ergonomic gizmos designed to give your wrists, back, and rear-end a break. Portable, flexible keyboards are a cinch for helping your fingers stay strong while typing: They can bend into a tent-like shape which helps to relieve tensions from your thumbs, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Standing desks are also perfect for keeping a healthy blood flow and can even help you burn calories while you work. Did you know that you can order a standing desk that can be placed over your treadmill? You’ll find it easy to get your steps in while knocking out your to-do list — multitasking this way can free up time you’d rather be spending with your family. 


Home Office Must-Haves

Reunion offers unique home designs by top-of-the-line builders. Here, you’ll find floorplans that feature flex spaces that can be easily transformed into temporary home offices. To help make your work day a breeze, consider a comfy chair, noise-cancelling headphones, and a desktop coffee maker — with a built-in bean grinder — to cut down on trips to the kitchen where distractions lurk inside every cabinet. Although purchasing several contraptions can get pricey, you’ll love how easy it is to transfer the majority of these new tools to your desk at work — helping you maximize your usage of your luxurious new items.


Be Your Best 

Since working from home is the new norm, be at the top of your game by indulging in luxuries such as a desktop coffee mug warmer. Never microwave your cup of joe again — a warmer keeps your brew hot and fresh during your virtual meetings. Between caffeine fixes, stay hydrated with a nifty, time-marked water bottle that helps you keep your water intake on track throughout the day. Give your eyes a rest with blue-light blocking glasses: The lightweight and inexpensive design makes it easy for your eyes to stay sharp and focused after hours of staring at your screen. Being your best includes snacking like a pro — did you know that you can schedule a delivery of your family’s favorite snacks? Healthy options that won’t break the bank are available and can discourage you from mindlessly munching on leftovers from the kitchen.

To give you a boost in productivity — and keep your bodies as healthy as possible — fall in love with these handy gadgets and gizmos. While we navigate uncertain times, surround your family with comfort and style. At Reunion, you’ll discover distinctive floorplans that seamlessly combine intelligent design and stunning home finishes — making your transition to remote work simple. Stay connected with us for answers to your questions regarding your new community, such as homesite releases and builder information.