Keep Your Pets Safe During Self-Isolation

Keep Your Pets Safe During Self-Isolation

On a daily basis, you nurture your family with love and care in a safe environment. During the coming weeks, care for the other ones who are always there for you: your pets. At Reunion, you’ll find gorgeous home design options that your family members — especially the four-legged ones — will love. To help keep your pets safe in the coming weeks, we’ve rounded up some handy tips for you to consider during your time at home.


Stock Up

Across the globe, pet owners are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of stocking up on the essentials for their animals. Since making several monthly trips to the grocery store isn’t the best idea at the moment, items such as food, cat litter, toys, and treats are important to have around. Being prepared — without overdoing it — is one of the most effective ways to care for your pets during self-isolation. Double-check your grocery list to be sure you make the necessary purchases to avoid having to go out again. For smaller fur babies — like gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits — consider growing your own fruits and vegetables to incorporate into their diet. Your home at Reunion offers spacious floorplans and gorgeous outdoor areas for you to plant and grow your personal garden. Your fuzzballs with thank you for the fresh and tasty produce!


Be Aware of Cleaning Products

While it’s crucial to keep your home clean during your indoor days, it’s also important to remember that several household cleaning products are toxic for your pets. The Humane Society of the United States urges pet owners to beware of products that include bleach, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and chemicals that contain the word “phenol.” Although the active ingredients in your go-to cleaning solutions can be effective in sanitizing your home’s surfaces, they can be extremely harmful to animals. The organization offers a simple solution to decreasing the risk of exposing your pets to harmful chemicals — keep your pets out of the room you’re cleaning and securely store and dispose of each container when not in use. 


Engage Their Minds

Because our doggos are smart little cookies — and our cats think they’re smarter than all of us — engage their curiosity and playfulness while indoors. Luckily, you can find activities like games, puzzles, television programming, and apps designed to constructively entertain your pets while you’re unable to take them outside during the day. Order cardboard mazes that encourage your kitty to scratch and search for their favorite treat. Your pup will love a puzzle toy that engages their sense of smell while they figure out where their kibbles are hiding. Add a variety of pet-friendly ingredients — like irresistible peanut butter — to the mix for a delightful surprise.


Keep It Routine

To help your best friends through uncertain times, try to stick to your daily routine. Allowing them to wake up, eat, potty, and snooze at the same time every day can aid them in feeling healthy and normal. While you focus on staying indoors, experiment with potty pads to help them take care of business as usual. When getting out for several daily walks or runs isn’t possible, spend some time learning new tricks together. Rolling over, spinning, and weaving between your legs can be a stellar way to have fun and get everyone’s heart pumping. While maintaining a safe distance from other pets and owners, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in one of Reunion’s many parks and trails. In keeping with your routine, remember to give your puppy pals lots of snuggles! You’ll both benefit from hugs, smooches, and cuddles.


Know Your Helpful Resources

Dedicated pet owners have offered up a collection of resources to help you care for your pets while you self-isolate. Remote veterinary consultations, pet adoption and foster services, and donation centers are among the support systems that are available to those looking to give and receive extra help right now. To lighten the mood, consider exchanging kindness cards with your friends and neighbors who could use an uplifting note while we take a break from play dates. Stay at the top of your pet parent game — and make your life a little easier — by getting familiar with the helpful resources available to you. When you buy a Reunion home, your new community boasts nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, emergency services, and more — helping you and your family thrive. 

Supporting and comforting each other through difficult days is a little easier in a home you love. At Reunion, we know that your pets are part of your family — and we’re here to help you care for them through all the ups and downs. No matter the size of your scaled, winged, or furry friends, share your favorite family photos by tagging us on Instagram. 🐾