Handmade Gifts for Springtime Celebrations

Handmade Gifts for Springtime Celebrations

With events and holidays like Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and high school graduation on the horizon, you’ll find a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. While you maintain a safe distance from others in your gorgeous Reunion home, have fun making and sending one — or a few — of these adorable handmade gifts your friends and family will love.


Friendship Bracelets

Good friends can be hard to find — so let your closest pals know you appreciate them with a precious friendship bracelet! With an unlimited number of colors, patterns, and materials to choose from online, easily craft something as unique as your friend. You can even take it up a notch by weaving in beads or charms for a truly throwback look! For your pet parent friends, challenge yourself by creating a cat or dog collar so their furry family members can feel fancy too. Finally, accompany your bracelet with a cheerful handwritten note explaining why you and your buddy will be BFFs forever.


Bath Bombs

Encourage a little R&R by treating your friends and family to a custom-made bath bomb. After ordering a few molds online, you’ll only need six ingredients to create a lush gift. Essential oils will set the tone for your bombs, so consider the person on the receiving end. A soothing combo like lavender and chamomile is a fun choice for a birthday girl, while an invigorating blend of peppermint and eucalyptus could appeal to the tough guy in your life. After a fun afternoon of experimenting with colors, shapes, and scents, retreat to your stunning bathroom where you’ll enjoy the perfect mix of style and comfort. Reunion offers quick move-in homes that are ready for you to start enjoying relaxing evenings right away.



Mother’s Day — the biggest day of the year for gifting handmade masterpieces — is perfect for DIY candles. Although you’ll need to gather a few materials ahead of time, the process is simple enough you may want to involve your kids. Gather together around your kitchen counter — designed by one of our exquisite home builders —  and get cooking on your candles! Similar to bath bombs, customize the scents and colors for the person lucky enough to receive your gift. The right combination will deliver mood-boosting and stress-relieving qualities that any mom — or dad — would appreciate. These fragrant gems can be placed in any heat-resistant container and most recipes can be stored for future use.


Money Poppers

Since graduation season is upon us, give the gift any teenager would be psyched to receive: cash. You can make the act of giving cash or checks more personal by creating your own popper! Using an old-school empty Push Pop, colorful confetti, and a few dollar bills, help celebrate graduation day with a useful — and creative — gift. Protip: Slip a note in your package warning of the tiny mess that may occur. We suggest something like “Caution: mini-party inside!” Fill a money popper with checks, gift certificates, or gift cards for dazzling presents that fit any occasion, from weddings to Bat Mitzvahs. 


Taco Stand — With Killer Recipes

Taco Tuesday just got an upgrade. With just five materials — and the perfect glue — craft a custom cubby for your buddy’s tacos. Depending on the size of the serving tray you select, the stand can contain as many tacos as your friends can eat in one sitting. Choose a funky tray for your quirky friend, or a chic one for the sophisticated taco enthusiast in your life — then select interesting handles that will make your creation truly one-of-a-kind. When ordering your materials online, be sure they can be safely and thoroughly hand-washed so your taco fan can use the tray repeatedly. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, include a set of handwritten recipe cards for your buddy’s stay-at-home feast.

Using apps like Zoom and FaceTime, “meet” with your loved ones to create these soothing and gleeful surprises together. You’ll have a blast comparing notes and catching up. Take a virtual tour of our community for a closer look at the distinctive designs and finishes available now. Spread cheer — and enjoy yourself — by crafting handmade gifts in a home you love.