Start Your Engines: Experts Share Their Road Trip Tips

Start Your Engines: Experts Share Their Road Trip Tips

Although your home has been your central hub for the last few months, summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning an epic road trip. Traveling by car is a fantastic way to safely reach your destination in style while continuing to practice social distancing. While considering how to stay safe — and have fun — on your road trip, these epic tips from the experts can help you plan your family’s favorite summer vacation of all time.


Invest In the Bells and Whistles

The SPACES Collection from Shea Homes at Reunion offers comfortable homes with innovative design and luxurious finishes — all in a gorgeous setting that you’ll enjoy getting to call home. Before you hit the road, consider purchasing potentially life-saving tools. An emergency road-side kit — complete with jumper cables, road flares, and battery chargers — is ultimately less expensive than having your vehicle towed and repaired. Take the opportunity to have your car fully serviced prior to your road trip to avoid spending your souvenir money on unexpected and expensive breakdowns.


Pack Like a Pro

Avoid an annoying “why did I pack this?” moment by sticking to the essentials. Unlike flying, lengthy road trips can transport you through several different climates and weather conditions. If you plan to stay overnight before reaching your final destination, research the weather in each location and pack accordingly. Show the kiddos how it’s done by fitting all your items into one bag per person — they’ll thank you for having extra leg room in the car. Getting your family organized for your trip is easy in a Richmond American home. Unique floorplans offer helpful features — like walk-in closets and an optional sink in the laundry room — that make the packing and unpacking process smoother.


Think Ahead

Spending too much time at home — and in the car — can fill us with boundless energy. Before you stretch your legs and jump into fun, slow down and be sure you’ve crossed everything off your list. Take precautions like alerting your bank that you’ll be traveling so they don’t accidentally freeze your account due to suspicious activity. On that note, it’s a good idea to get some cash that you can keep on you at all times. In case disaster strikes, having money for a hotel room can save your entire road trip. As your trip comes to a close, return to your favorite place in the world: your home at Reunion. When you choose a design from Oakwood Homes, you’ll find customizable floorplans and exceptional value you’ll long to return to, no matter how much fun you’re having on your vacation. 


Snacks. Glorious Snacks.

Instantly enhance your trip with a heap of sweet-and-salty, fresh-and-fruity snacks. Gather your squad to decide which items to add to your grocery list. Consider a mix of candy bars, crispy

chips, cookies, nuts, and more — diversity is key when you’re on the road. Your kiddos will have a blast making their own trail mix and packing their own snacks, like applesauce and string cheese. Pop a sturdy cooler in the trunk to hold sandwiches, beverages, and additional perishables you pick up along the way. Ultimately, you’ll save a few dollars — and eat healthier — by packing your own grub and storing it for future snacking.


The Tunes

Similar to road trip snacks, your music choices can be influenced by your family. While everyone takes a break from their electronic devices and headphones, rock out to a legendary playlist that has something for everyone. Craft your list by having each family member name several songs they’d like to hear along the way. Incorporate the classics and show your family the dance moves you’ve been working on in the car. Don’t forget the camera — you’ll want to capture your family’s best Carpool Karaoke moments! As your trip comes to a close and your family returns home, quick move-in homes — available from each of our wonderful home builders — will welcome you back. Move-in ready models allow you to call Reunion home right away, but hurry — these alluring homes don’t last long here!

Although nothing beats an epic road trip, there’s no place like home. After you’ve gone on an adventure — and practiced safe and healthy habits — your beautiful and cozy home will be waiting for you at Reunion. On Instagram, share your favorite moments by tagging us in your road trip pics!