Show Your Dog A Good Time In Colorado

Show Your Dog A Good Time In Colorado

During these sizzling summer days, keep your dogs happy and healthy by enjoying your favorite activities together. When you buy a home at Reunion, you’ll find functional floorplans — and dozens of acres of parks — where your dogs are free to be themselves. From chasing toys at the park to snacking on frozen treats, your doggos will have a blast being by your side all summer long. 


Play Outside

As your workday comes to a close and it begins to cool off outside, stretch your legs with your furry friend. Before setting out, protect your pup’s paws by considering the temperature of the pavement in your area. Your dog will be more comfortable on your walk, jog, or run when you can no longer fry an egg on the sidewalk. On a sweltering afternoon, hop in the car and head to a thrilling dog park — you’ll find local spots around Denver where fun playgrounds and new friends await. As you explore colorful Colorado, stop by a stellar off-leash dog park or beach: Hot days are no sweat when your doggo gets to splash in crisp, cool water! While you stay close to home, explore 150 acres of parks, 10 miles of trails, and 170 acres of open space all within the Reunion community. With so much room for fun, all you’ll need is a leash and frisbee!


Learn a New Trick

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, learning new tricks together is a fantastic way to bond. Gather your family and take turns teaching your puppy basic commands to get their life off on the right paw. Teach an adult dog new tricks in a stunning home at Reunion: The Sterling Collection from Oakwood Homes features spacious open-concept floorplans and lush yards that are perfect for training your pupper pals. Outside, use agility training tools to develop important muscles and engage their minds. While working as a team, reward your dog with tasty and healthy treats you can make at home. With good treats and a bit of patience, you and your dog will have an impressive set of tricks to show off by the end of the summer!


Snack Together

While you’re whipping up a batch of training treats, make a few frozen ones as well. After a long run on a hot day, your dog will love a refreshing snack. Combine ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, yogurt, and peanut butter for a healthy take on the pupsicle. Bananas, pumpkin, bacon, and chicken are flavors almost any dog will love, so preserve your snacks in freezer bags or containers to have on-hand when you’ve got a hot dog at home. On a rainy day, bake savory snacks using simple ingredients. They’ll enjoy flavors of chicken, carrots, and bacon and thank you for a hearty and healthy treat!


Upgrade their Toy Box

Store your fur baby’s toys in a customized container you can make together. With non-toxic and water-based paint, stamp their paw prints on a wooden crate or metal bucket for a one-of-a-kind storage box — then fill it with a variety of toys that suit their needs and interests. To stave off boredom while you’re away, puppy puzzles will keep their minds busy. Richmond American builds homes designed for comfort and style: In a home from the Back Nine Collection at Reunion, you’ll enjoy luxe upgrades like granite countertops and sprawling hardwood floors. Keep toys, leashes, bags, and collars neatly organized by making handy storage units that match your home’s decor.

Whether you take the family dog on your road trip through Colorado or learn new tricks at home, your pup will love life at Reunion just as much as you do. Gorgeous brand-new homes, miles of trails, and quick access to local dog parks await you. Tag us on Instagram to show off your skills, treats, and fun times at the park!