These Local Plants Will Add Classic Colorado Colors to your Yard

These Local Plants Will Add Classic Colorado Colors to your Yard

When you buy a home at Reunion, you’ll enjoy scenic trails, parks, and stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Year-round colorful vegetation dots the community to create a distinctive and welcoming environment. Reflect Reunion’s look by adding Colorado’s famous foliage to your home — read on to find out which plants will thrive in your yard.



Richmond American builds homes designed for your love of the outdoors. You’ll find spacious patios and lush yards that are perfect for adding your favorite trees. Incorporate our state tree — the Colorado blue spruce — for a burst of beautiful blue-green color that will last all year long. These trees prefer sandy soils and are able to survive using mostly natural rainfall in an area with ample drainage. Capture head-turning forest green colors by planting Piñon pine trees around your house. Fond of flat surfaces, Pon pines provide natural shade and remain a gorgeous light green throughout the changing seasons. 



Along the trails of your favorite hiking spots, you’re likely to notice wildflowers that boast colors from vibrant violets to brilliant blues. Fortunately, many of Colorado’s wildflowers are plantable in your home garden! Fairy trumpets and dwarf golden asters add red and yellow hues to your landscaping, while our versatile state flower, the columbine, blossoms in a variety of colors and is most recognizable in its iconic soft purple. TRI Pointe offers covered patio options where you and your family can use your green thumbs to plant your favorite flowers. With models coming to Reunion this fall, you’ll love stepping through convenient sliding glass doors to water your patio plants. 



Create a safe haven for Colorado’s small wildlife — like birds and butterflies — by planting petite native shrubs. Shrubs with many leaves and berries are an ideal habitat for our tiny neighbors — you can attract hummingbirds with twinberry honeysuckle that loves partial shade and can withstand colder temperatures as the seasons change. Waxflower — a leafy shrub with white flowers that’s also a fan of shady spots —  emits a lovely floral scent and morphs into shades of pink and orange as fall approaches. The Sterling Collection from Oakwood Homes features spacious front and back yards where your shrubs and their hidden wildlife can thrive in their natural habitat. Enjoy hosting friends and neighbors for cocktails while you take in the beauty of your outdoor space. 

While browsing the perfect plants for your yard, opt for those that will thrive in Colorado’s unique climate. Find helpful hints and tips from gardening gurus who have the inside scoop on how to tend to and care for your landscaping year-round. Don’t forget to share photos of your foliage friends with us on Instagram throughout your planting process!