The Five DIY Crafts You’ve Been Wanting To Do

The Five DIY Crafts You’ve Been Wanting To Do

Gone are the days of saying, “We should make that.” With these crafty options, you’ll have a blast exercising your creativity while keeping your whole household busy. At Reunion, our expert home builders offer intelligent design and stunning upgrades to help your crew accomplish projects — read on for five DIY crafts your family can do together.



You can find stellar step-by-step guides online to coach you through your candle-making process. Gather in a gorgeous kitchen from Oakwood Homes, where lovely countertops and spacious islands allow you to spread out during your crafting sessions. Before you begin, seize the scents of summer by choosing fragrance oils with aromas of wildflowers, warm wood, clean linen, or Colorado peaches. Add coloring to your mixture to achieve a hue that’s as unique as your candle. When your candles are complete, put your computer skills to use by creating and printing custom packaging. For a personal touch, bust out the markers and draw dainty handwritten labels.



Finally learn to sew by stitching custom masks for your friends, family, and neighbors of all ages. Without purchasing a pricey sewing machine, safely practice your hand-sewing technique to make your one-of-a-kind essential items. Use elastic straps to be sure your final products are snug and comfortable. If you have access to a sewing machine but don’t use it very often, brush up on your skills by doing a few test runs on your masks. Richmond American builds homes designed to accommodate your family’s interests. Set up shop in a cozy great room where you and your family can stitch the night away — with a little patience and practice, your family might end up with a new stylish mask for each day of the week! 


Bird Feeders

Break out the hot glue gun to feed your feathered friends — bird feeders are a delightful way to invite wildlife into your garden to hear them chirp and sing. You and your family can fashion a feeder out of popsicle sticks, recycled paper milk cartons, and even empty wine bottles. Before you place the feeder in your yard, be sure the birds can safely access and munch their seeds. Keep an eye out for Colorado locals — like the house finch or the black-capped chickadee — that are likely to flutter around your area. Hang your feeder on a beautiful front porch from TRI Pointe Homes and you’ll love stepping outside to spot your favorite birds when they pop by for breakfast! 


Soap Bars

Celebrate barbecue season with adorable watermelon soap. In lieu of your traditional neighborhood block party, whip up and deliver these sudsy soaps to your friends in the Reunion community. Your trendy teens will love the professional-yet-handmade look of charcoal face soap, herbal glycerine soap, and aloe vera bars to soothe sunburns. As the seasons change, they’ll be able to incorporate scents and ingredients that help celebrate their favorite holidays — like autumn spice for the fall. As their soapy skills improve, they’ll have a blast taking it to the next level and using their bars for other things, like freshening up their sock drawer!


Friendship Bracelets

Stay connected to your besties by stringing beautiful bracelets and they’ll love receiving your thoughtful handmade gift as a symbol of your friendship. Grab beads — glorious beads! — to add color and personality to your friend’s bracelet. Opt for letter beads to spell out their name or a personal message, then show off your threading skills by learning new techniques that produce wild effects like rainbows and unique patterns. For an authentic summer camp feeling, your friends can tie their bracelets with secure knots, or use clasps as an elegant and polished way to fasten your bracelets. 


Whether you build a front porch bird feeder or melt candle wax to create a personal gift, keeping up with your hobbies is easy at Reunion. Open-concept floorplans, useful storage, and stately home finishes allow you to settle in for a relaxing afternoon of crafting with your family. Don’t be shy — share photos of your finished products with us on Instagram!