Welcome Fall with an Expertly-Organized Wardrobe

Welcome Fall with an Expertly-Organized Wardrobe

Cooler weather will be coming to Colorado sooner than you may expect it! As your family begins to replace your summer clothes with your fall wardrobe, keep your items neatly stored and organized during the transition. At Reunion, you’ll find spacious floorplans designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle and the gear that comes with it. Read on to discover clever tips for storing everything from cozy sweaters to fuzzy socks in your gorgeous new home.



As Coloradans know, crisp fall weather can arrive quickly as summer comes to a close. To stave off the chilly evening breezes, pull out your pullovers — and preserve their material and prevent damage by folding and stacking them in your closet. With the proper folding technique, you’ll be able to stack them high without them tumbling over. If you prefer to store your sweaters in your dresser, consider a space-saving filing system that helps you avoid digging to the bottom of your drawers. When you buy a home from Richmond American, you’ll enjoy modern floorplans with spacious walk-in closets to keep your family organized while looking fabulous for fall. 



Get the most out of your storage system by folding your jeans like a pro. With a simple and sneaky trick, flatten your durable denim in order to pile more pairs into the same drawer or shelf. For a creative take on clothing storage, consider using empty suitcases to stow bulky bottoms like snow pants. Tuck them in your closet — or even in the garage — to maximize your space. Plastic bins are an excellent choice for storing everything from flannel pajama bottoms to long underwear. As you pack them, you’ll be able to inventory your items and label the bins to quickly recall what you put away. 


Coats and Jackets

Whether you prefer goose down coats or wooly ones, keep them in pristine condition by storing them in space-saving vacuum bags. You can find clever boxes and bags online that shrink your stack as if by magic! Since they occupy just a sliver of space, your vacuumed bags can be hidden underneath your bed and easily retrieved when you need them. Consider hanging vacuum bags that discretely rest in your closet for quick access to your favorite outfits. Before storing your clothes using your favorite method, be sure to clean them appropriately. Fortunately, creative floorplans from TRI Pointe Homes offer stunning laundry rooms designed to help you keep your wardrobe clean and your seasonal clothes organized.


The Essentials

From accessories like scarves and gloves to must-haves like boots and socks, professional organizers suggest getting creative to make your own storage units. When cut and decorated, PVC pipe can be customized to fit your sock drawer — each pipe will keep your rolled or folded socks neatly tucked away. Use plastic shower curtain rings as a clever way to hang your winter scarves: Creating a chain of rings that hang vertically in your closet will bring an automatic boost to your closet’s storage capability. For clunky boots that eat up vital space, construct an A-frame storage unit out of wood from your local hardware store. During the changing seasons, you’ll be able to gradually swap your flip-flops for galoshes — a sleek A-frame can be easily stored in your garage or inside your house. At Reunion, Oakwood Homes offers customizable designs that accommodate your growing family and your unique needs. Enlist the help of your kiddos to choose the best storage method for their favorite pairs of kicks.


While organizing your closets to make room for your fall wardrobe, consider the benefits of a spacious home at Reunion. Our one-of-a-kind collection of home builders offers thoughtful floorplans with ample storage space to keep you organized and feeling fabulous. Whether you build a unit for your family’s boots or install vacuum-sealed space-savers in your closet, Reunion has the home that’s right for you — connect with us.