Stay Safe with Five Tips for Making the Holiday Rounds

Stay Safe with Five Tips for Making the Holiday Rounds

Whether you’re delivering presents or checking on family members who need your support, ensure your family’s safety with five simple tips. We’ve scoured the most crucial recommendations to help you stay healthy while keeping connected with loved ones this holiday season. 


Mask Up

Before heading over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house, double-check that each of your family members has the proper face covering. When you arrive at your destination, keep your face mask securely in place while you catch up with your friends and family from a safe distance. Protip: Store a few extra masks in your car’s glove compartment in case one happens to get lost along the way. 


Keep Your Distance

Chat with friends, family, and neighbors while maintaining the recommended distance of six feet. Doing so will increase the likelihood that each individual will remain protected against unwelcome pathogens transferred from person to person. While hand-delivering gifts to your loved ones, consider placing them in a neutral area — like on the front porch — to be received without physical contact. While avoiding direct contact with others, remember the curative powers of the air-hug!


Wipe Down

You’re likely to come in contact with several surfaces while extending a holiday hello to those closest to you, so be sure to purchase handy sanitizing wipes that are easy to take along for the ride. To keep everyone as safe as possible, track the objects they touch and thoroughly wipe each surface with effective sanitizing solutions. Consider making a list and checking it twice:

  • Car steering wheel, keys, door handles, and seatbelts
  • Cell phones or electronics
  • Gate locks and door handles
  • Exchanged gifts


Slather on the Sanitizer

Although you’ve vowed to keep your distance and avoid direct contact with others, take a moment to apply a healthy dose of sanitizer to your hands while on the road. While it’s recommended that your family washes with soap and warm water, alcohol-based sanitizer is especially effective for cleaning your hands after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, or using the restroom. Drop a dollop onto your kiddos’ fingers and palms should they come in contact with items you exchange with your extended family this season. 


Stay Safe with Five Tips for Making the Holiday Rounds

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Wash your hands upon returning to your home at Reunion. Before applying soap, rinse with warm water for 20 seconds. Once your hands are soapy, thoroughly clean them by interlacing your fingers, rotating your fist around your thumbs, and cleaning under your fingernails. Rinse again with warm water and dry them with a clean towel. Avoid drying your hands on your clothes or shaking them as those methods might attract harmful pathogens that lurk on your pants or in the air.


As we avoid gathering in large groups for the holidays, it’s still possible to safely deliver presents and good tidings to friends and family. This year more than ever, finding creative ways to share love and affection during the season can add warmth to our lives. 


Happy holidays from your Reunion family!