Fill Your Cup with the Flavors of Spring — Seasonal Drinks to Sip

Fill Your Cup with the Flavors of Spring — Seasonal Drinks to Sip

With daylight saving just around the corner, more sunlight hours means more time spent outdoors. No matter whether you’re looking forward to extra time in the park with the kids or just want to relax on your new deck, you probably want your fun in the sun accompanied by a seasonal drink to sip. Read on for a list of our favorite homemade beverages to refresh you during the warm sunny days to come.


Mint Lemonade

Ideal for quenching your thirst, this rejuvenating drink gives you the tang of citrus balanced by cooling mint leaves. Perfect for a family afternoon spent in the living room of your Reunion home, mint lemonade requires little — if any — prep on your part. Start with your favorite store-bought mix and simply garnish with fresh mint leaves from your garden. Want to try your hand at preparing it from scratch? This four-ingredient refresher is simple to make and bursting with flavor.  


Fill Your Cup with the Flavors of Spring — Seasonal Drinks to Sip

Sun Tea

A drink made for — and made by — sunny days, sun tea is an easy hands-off method for brewing your favorite blend of tea. Begin by putting your tea of choice into a gallon jug or sealable container of water, then place your filled jug in a sun-soaked spot of your yard and let the natural warmth brew some magic! Serve in ice-filled glasses garnished with citrus while you enjoy your afternoon. 


Citrus Spritzer

The combination of orange juice and lemon-lime seltzer makes this drink kid-friendly yet still sophisticated enough for entertaining friends. Thinking about taking your family on a picnic over the weekend? Pack a pitcher of this crisp drink for everyone to enjoy outside. Mix your OJ with the lemon-lime seltzer and add slices of orange for a tart and refreshing kick. You’ll have no shortage of scenic options to accompany your spritzer — Reunion boasts miles of parks and trails made for picnics, strolls, and exploration.


Fill Your Cup with the Flavors of Spring — Seasonal Drinks to Sip

Infused Water

Cool water is essential to warm days spent in the sun. Beyond hydration, infused waters can provide additional benefits that vary based on the fruits and herbs you choose to add. Although infused water fits any occasion, imagine sipping an energizing glass in the morning as you start your day in your light-filled kitchen. Indulge in a spa-like experience with cucumber melon water, or brighten up your afternoon with a fusion of strawberry and mango in your H2O — however you hydrate, make it your own!


Ready to step into spring at Reunion? Find your dream home today and start sipping.