Go Green — St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Your Family

With St. Patrick’s Day this week, you might be planning creative ways to spend time with your family and get into the green spirit. Even though parades aren’t an option this year, you can still find plenty of entertaining activities to have you feeling as lucky as if you’d kissed the Blarney Stone! No matter if you want to spend your day elbow-deep in paint or in cookie dough, Reunion has suggestions to get you going green in your beautiful home.


Arts and Crafts for All Ages

Arts and crafts are a dependable way to involve your children in the holiday while burning off some of their extra energy. When it comes to crafting at home, you can get as involved as you want, from leprechaun paper plates to DIY rainbow mobiles. Most St. Patrick’s Day art projects require little more than construction paper, kitchen essentials you likely already have on-hand, and lots of green! For a paper plate leprechaun, you’ll just need some markers, green paper, and a paper plate to create a festive project in minutes.

Go Green — St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Your Family


Want to try your hand at something more advanced? A shamrock wreath also needs few supplies other than stiff construction paper, yet will result in a tasteful piece of décor to hang anywhere in your home for years to come. To begin, cut strips of two-inch thick pieces (of different lengths) in a variety of greens and whites. Once you have your strips of paper, it’s time to assemble! With hot glue, simply attach the ends of each piece to the shorter lengths on the inside. With all the strips securely glued, you’ll have a charming shamrock pattern ready to show off in your home.


Go Green — St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Your Family


Delightful Homemade Desserts to Try

What says “home” more than spending time making food to share with your loved ones? When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, you won’t be short on themed recipes to experiment with. For a fun and festive dessert, why not try Lucky Charms treats (an adapted version of the classic Rice Krispies Treats)? Just like the original cereal-based snack, these rely on no more than marshmallows, cereal, and the extra marshmallows in your Lucky Charms for a fun, colorful, and delicious goodie.

For another take on a traditional treat, green velvet cupcakes make for an eye-catching and indulgent dessert. Like the red velvet version, these cupcakes have a rich chocolatey base and are sure to entice with their bright color. Straightforward instructions mean this recipe is a good one to get your kids involved in baking. Holidays provide a solid excuse to whip up a sweet treat in your spacious kitchen — so start getting festive!


How do you usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? At Reunion, we hope you bring your own traditions and creative ideas to share with our home community.