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Three Summer Activities Near Commerce City That Your Whole Family Will Love

Summer is so close, and that means family-friendly summer activities are too. What are your kids fixated on these days, dinosaurs? Space? Animals? Whatever their passion, Colorado has the perfect destination for your family. Read on for details.


The Museum of Nature and Science

Do your kids dig the dinos? Even if they have other interests, the Museum of Nature and Science has exhibits that appeal to all — and it’s only a short trip from home. Explore the prehistoric era or experience the power of modern totem poles from the Pacific Northwest — and, of course, don’t forget the iconic fossils like T-Rex and stegosaurus. Feeling snacky? Pack a lunch from home to enjoy out on the lawn after your day’s adventure!


The Denver Botanic Gardens

Summer is the best time of year to see lovely blooms and take in plant growth — if you want to bask in unfurling leaves and flowering trees, the Botanic Gardens offer a taste of the world with a wide variety of flora to enjoy. A kid-friendly venue, the extensive paths and trails are sure to intrigue and exhaust even your most energetic children. Just because it’s summer break doesn’t mean you can’t make it into a learning experience! Quiz your kids about their favorite new flowers as you head home.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wild Refuge

If you want to view local wildlife up close and personal in Denver, the Arsenal is your best bet. Known primarily for its herd of majestic bison, this area is also home to many types of birds and mammals — like bald eagles and coyotes. Run along one of the trails for exercise or simply sit and observe nature’s beauty for a calming weekend activity. The drive is only a few minutes from your home, and you should be able to find plenty of parking. Your kids will love tracking the herd of bison that roams the refuge — you can even bring your fishing rods and try your luck in one of the streams.

Do you have favorite places near Reunion that you frequent with your family during the summer? Let us know — and be sure to share with your neighbors!