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Finding Your Floorplan Design Fit with Oakwood Homes

Buying your dream home is only the beginning of the journey. Once you’re all moved in, it’s time to start considering decor style and how to add personal touches! We’ve collected a few tips for finding the right Oakwood Homes floorplan in the Reunion community — and making it your own.

Prioritize Utility

Although it’s one of the least glamorous and most abstract parts of homebuying, imagining the space you need and how you’ll use it should be at the top of your list. For a growing family, prioritize bedrooms and bathrooms with function in mind. You can personalize your Sterling Collection home by adding a fourth bedroom — your teenagers will have the private bedrooms they want and you’ll still have room for the in-laws. For decorating that guest bedroom, think stylish comfort. A cute and colorful dresser gives visiting friends a place to unpack while establishing the ambiance in the room.

Think Themes

While sticking to a consistent theme may seem intimidating, a cohesive design throughout your house can actually make decorating easier. Trying to bring the outside in? Our Carriage House Collection floorplans include spacious porches adjacent to your foyer, allowing you to set your decorative tone before guests even step foot inside your home. Incorporate flora-centered designs with photographs, prints, and fresh bouquets in your living room to maintain the botanical atmosphere.

Avoid Clutter

Are you the type to keep mementos you’ve gathered over the years? Or does your mother-in-law gifts you knickknacks every holiday? Storing a plethora of seasonal decorative items can seem challenging. Rather than trying to space them throughout your house, put a display case in the entrance to your Horizon Collection home! This serves as a creative conversation-starter for first-time visitors and lets you proudly showcase the sentimental tokens. Worried about the breakability of a glass case? Choose an end table or two for your entryway collection instead.

Reunion has the right floorplan for your family, no matter the phase of life you’re in. To learn more about our builders or discover additional home design tips, talk with our team today.