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Ways to Stay Cool at Home with Water Activities

We all love staying cool with summer pool days, but sometimes you may want a bit of convenient at-home fun. Here at Reunion, we’ve collected a few ideas for creative water activities to help you make the most of warm summer afternoons. Read on for inspiration:

Lawn Paddle Pool

Filling a plastic pool in your yard is a tried-and-true seasonal classic, yet it feels so magical every time. Add water to a basic paddle pool with your garden hose until about three-quarters full, then submerge your feet for a quick afternoon refresher or allow your small children to splash around. For an extra-cool time, add a few ice cubes to keep the water temp comfortably chilly. Don’t forget your furry friends! Your dogs will love a little time flopping about in the water.

Sidewalk “Painting”

DYK that water can be a cool invisible ink that works well on surfaces like concrete? You only need some tap water and a brush to create designs and pictures right on your driveway! Turn it into a group activity with a round of Pictionary… Can your friends guess the answer based on your masterful sidewalk clues? Chalk introduces vibrant color to your summertime R&R.

Classic Sprinkler

Attaching a sprinkler head to your hose can do more than just water your grass. Using a moving sprinkler is an entertaining activity for kids that helps your family and your yard stay cool at the same time: All you require is an attachment for your hose and a flat area of your yard to rest it. Whether you want to devise games of water tag in your yard or simply let your children gleefully run through the falling water, sprinklers provide an easy solution to beat the heat.

Your Colorado summer will be an absolute blast with these tips! While we love living close to lakes and reservoirs, it’s nice to switch things up every once and a while. Talk with us today to discover how you can be part of the Reunion home community.