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Three Tips for Picking the Best Colorado Summer Fruits

Local Colorado fruit makes summer so sweet! Whether you’re enjoying a bowl of fresh berries for breakfast or baking a delectable pie to connect with a new neighbor, you’ll want to use the highest-quality ingredients available. Here at Reunion, we’ve gathered a few expert tips to help you pick the best Colorado summer fruits.


Rocky Ford Cantaloupe

These famous melons make scrumptious additions to meals or can act as a stand-alone snack. To choose the best Rocky Ford, start by considering shape. You want to find ones that seem the most round and have smooth and unmarked rinds. Stay away from cantaloupes surrounded by fruit flies as well as those that feel light for their size, since these are both signs of rot. Add a few slices to your breakfast for vitamins and plenty of hydration while starting the day out on your lovely patio.  

Palisade Peaches

Few things say “summer” like juicy peaches. This iconic Colorado varietal cooks well in cobblers and pies — or just enjoy them on their own as a mouthwatering treat! Begin with color — bright oranges and reds indicate rich flavor while patches of green mean the peach wasn’t fully ripe when picked. Steer clear of those with bruising, as this can impact the interior texture. You’ll find Palisade peaches at most grocery stores in the area but think about stopping by a farm stand or farmers’ market close to home for a truly local experience with your family.

Everbearing Strawberries

From smoothies to shortcakes, everybody enjoys succulent strawberries during the warm months. Your sense of smell will help you find the tastiest berries: You want a slightly sweet, warm scent to determine which will be the juiciest and most flavorful. A vibrant red appearance also tells you which strawberries to buy. If they look a little too dark, the berries might be past their prime or need to be eaten quickly. Pick your carton (and maybe a can of whipped cream?) then head to Reunion Park for a special afternoon picnic with your kids and Colorado fruits.

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