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Beyond Harvest Bounty: Fall Desserts from Seasonal Produce

The tastes of autumn are almost as dazzling as the colorful leaves and the crisp mountain breezes. From the drink of the month at Reunion Coffee House to food trucks at Trunk or Treat, autumn means eating well at Reunion. Our cozy community embodies all the sweet parts of this season — read on for three recipes to bring special fall desserts to your table.

Going Pear-Shaped

The often-overlooked fruit of fall, pears can be served in a number of treats from pies to tarts — but we prefer to poach them in spiced red wine. A perfect dessert for intimate dinner parties, you can sit and chat at your kitchen island as the wine, sugar, and seasonings reduce on the stove. Pour the reduction over your peeled pears, then bake in the oven — basting every 15 minutes or so — until soft. You can serve them hot or cold, in syrup, or with whipped cream or vanilla sauce. To make it without alcohol, replace the wine with 4 cups of water, 2 hibiscus tea bags (like Red Zinger from Colorado’s own Celestial Seasonings factory), and 2 cups of fresh or frozen cranberries. Brew fresh coffee after the final basting session and enjoy this elegant dish with loved ones as you gather around a fire.

Pumpkins, Pralines, and Pecans — Oh My!

All jokes about pumpkin spice coffee aside, this is an autumn gourd we love. Dress it up with sugar and spice, nestle in crusts, or present boldly in cheesecakes! A recent favorite are these mini pecan pumpkin pies, which only take an hour to make. They’re adorably bite-sized, easily customized, and feature the pairing of creamy pumpkin with the crunchy texture of pecans. You can always substitute pre-made dough to whittle down the prep time even more. This is one time when your big beautiful Reunion kitchen may actually cause trouble — these yummy desserts are especially tempting, so keep an eye out for anybody floating through the air by their nose near the cooling rack!

An Apple a Day

Whether you like them as red as the Reunion Rec Center in the sun’s glow, with a lighter pink or yellow blush, or bursting with tart greenness, apples bring a down-home goodness to a variety of treats from bite-sized pies to spiced cake

Sometimes you just need a quick recipe to complement the hearty dishes served with an autumn supper: In this case, you can’t go wrong with a simple but satisfying skillet apple pie. Thank goodness for that gourmet oven! After you’ve peeled and sliced the apples and tossed them with cinnamon and sugar, spoon them into a pie crust on the bottom of a heated cast-iron skillet. Cover with another pie crust, brush with egg white, and bake. Don’t forget to cut 4-5 slits to vent steam! Serve with butter-pecan ice cream for a perfect fall dessert.

As farmers’ markets taper off and the last of nature’s bounty is brought in. Celebrate the season with sweets made from the best the harvest has to offer! Want to enjoy these fall desserts in your own dream kitchen? Contact us today and we’ll help you find exactly what you want. We can’t wait to see you at Reunion