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Winter Comfort Foods to Enjoy in Your Cozy Reunion Spaces

Coloradans love sunshine, the outdoors, the Broncos, and the elevated cuisine of the Denver dining scene. From mountain pies to the Centennial Smash, Denverites truly make it a priority to eat well. Don’t feel like hitting the town? When you’d rather enjoy delicious dishes that are simple to serve on your own, try one of the following comfort foods perfect for cozying up right in your own Reunion home.


Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? It’s whatever you want it to be! Quiche is a versatile dish that provides protein and veggies in a convenient crust. Customize it to your heart’s content: Use ham and bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and basil, leeks and thyme, kale and pine nuts, or the ever-popular Lorraine with spinach and bacon. No matter what direction you take it in, you’ll love cuddling up in your breakfast nook with hugs and “quiches”!

Red Lentil Soup

Based on the iconic Turkish dish mercimek corbasi, this lentil soup is light, spicy, and a bold shade of red. The early steps are easy — just sauté onions then add tomato paste and seasonings — but when it comes to adding chicken broth and red lentils, be sure to give it a full 30 minutes to simmer. Top with smoked paprika and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice before serving alongside grilled cheese sandwiches and crispy bacon right at your spacious kitchen counter.

Mac and Cheese

Ahh, the ultimate comfort food — a bowl of pasta smothered in cheese just seems to fix all ills. Macaroni and cheese originally traces its roots to 13th-century Italy but has become a staple in American cuisine. To make a truly memorable baked dish, cook the elbow pasta just until firm — too firm to eat. Whisk an egg into a simple roux with dry mustard, then add cheese and mix until melted. Pour all the ooey-gooey goodness into a baking dish and cook in a 350° oven for 20-25 minutes. Gather around the dinner table and turn these simple ingredients into family memories you’ll always remember.

Bread Pudding

Stale bread finds its purpose with bread pudding, a satisfying dessert that can even work as a breakfast dish if you think about it like a baked french toast casserole. Soak day-old challah, brioche, croissants, or sourdough in a custard of eggs and cream, then bake with the mix-ins of your choice — from raisins to chocolate chips to toasted shredded coconut. Serve around a fire on chilly nights with ice cream or whipped cream to warm you to the tips of your toes.

One of the best parts of life at Reunion is spending time in the kitchen with those we cherish most — and if you suddenly realize you’re missing a vital ingredient, remember that Reunion Marketplace is only a five-minute drive away. Call us today and we’ll help you find your perfect forever home kitchen so you can start cooking!