Spending Your Snow Days in Reunion - Reunion CO

Spending Your Snow Days in Reunion

Denver may get the benefit of sunshine through most of the winter, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t often graced with picturesque snow here in the Mile High City. The snowiest month in Denver is usually March, with an “average of 11.3 inches of snow.” So, what to do when schools and businesses call snow closures? Never fear — you can pass the day right here at home in our beloved Reunion community.

Sleep Late

Life in the COVID-19 pandemic has zapped everyone’s energy, so remember to be kind to yourself and take advantage of a little extra sleep. It’s the perfect opportunity for snuggling and enjoying the gorgeous primary suite you love so much! Once you’ve awoken and put on your coziest sweats, make a quick run to Reunion Coffee House for a caffeine boost from a delicious cup of Boyer’s coffee to get you ready for the rest of the day.

Get Outside

Temperatures in Denver tend to stay enjoyable even amid deep snowfall. The best parks for snow angels are Harmony, Heartland, Reunion, or Unity park — but if you want to listen quietly to the whispering of the wind, try Touchstone or Sunflower. Give yourself permission to spend a little time enjoying Mother Nature in all her sparkly winter finery. When you make it back home, use the gas stove in your chef’s kitchen to whip up a few mugs of decadent hot chocolate — with extra marshmallows, of course!

Chefs’ Challenge

Who will be the next Iron Chef in your household? Break into two teams, then raid the pantry and the refrigerator to determine the ingredients you have on hand. You can set rules about the type of dish, the cook time, and even penalties for sabotaging the other team. Whether you end up with cold cereal, pickle and peanut butter sandwiches, or sweet potato pasta, you’ll have a blast building cooking skills and creating memories with your loved ones.

Board Game Bonanza

Take advantage of the chance to curl up with your family next to the fire in your great room and unwind with a game or two. A few new ones we love are First Orchard (ages 2-3, for little ones who have never played a board game before), Durian (ages 7+), Flapjack Flipout (ages 8+), and Sequoia (ages 13+) — but you can never go wrong with classics like Candyland or Clue.

Snow is inevitable, but it’s oh-so-easy to enjoy chilly days in your dream-home-for-all-seasons at Reunion. Contact us and let us help you find your perfect fit today!