Expressions of Love: New Valentine’s Day Traditions for Your Family

Move over, rom-coms. Step aside, red roses and champagne. It’s time to celebrate the ways we love people outside of romantic relationships — parents, children, friends, co-workers, even baristas (especially those at Reunion Coffee House).

Unlike Sanskrit, with its 90+ words for love, English speakers have to rely on four mere letters to communicate all the ways we feel this emotion — but luckily we can choose to slow down and express all forms of love by incorporating new Valentine’s Day traditions.

If a fancy dinner out is your Valentine date go-to, you can still easily add one of the following activities to make the most of this sentimental season.

String of Affirmation

Expressions of Love: New Valentine’s Day Traditions for Your Family

A craft and tradition all in one, this simple activity gives parents precious time with their school-aged children. Before Valentine’s Day, create a garland of twine with pretty clothespins, and hang the line somewhere easily seen.

When the kids arrive home from school, be intentional in looking over the Valentines they received. As you clip each one to the twine, have your child tell you something nice about that classmate. This tradition not only lets you spend time learning about your child’s day-to-day interactions but also helps them build an appreciation for people they might otherwise have overlooked.

From Me, With Love

Expressions of Love: New Valentine’s Day Traditions for Your Family

Few of us still write letters by hand, but you’ll find that penning your own written expressions provides so many benefits to relationship-building. The satisfaction of holding a physical letter in your hands eclipses all the uncertainty around penmanship and postage.

Especially during this time of the year, take the plunge and write a letter to someone you love: It might be your cubicle neighbor, a long-distance friend, or even yourself! Deliberately sit at your desk and commit to writing at least one full page by hand.

Most importantly, send the letter via post to give your Valentine the rush of finding something sweet in their (actual) mailbox.

Surprise Valentines

Expressions of Love: New Valentine’s Day Traditions for Your Family

Instead of Secret Santas, try Surprise Valentines. On the Friday before Valentine’s Day, throw slips of paper with each family member’s name into a hat. Each person should then randomly choose another person’s name.

The Valentine Givers have until Sunday night to make a Valentine for their Surprise recipient — by hand, of course!

Creations can be cards for each other or even small meaningful gifts, and you can set up a corner of your spacious kitchen island with a basket of craft supplies. Encourage each other to be as thoughtful — and sneaky! — as possible. Exchange at your family’s Valentine dinner and create memories you’ll always remember.

Our community celebrates the love between neighbors each and every day — from smiles across driveways to playdates at our parks. Call us today at 303-486-8842 to fall in love with your forever home here at Reunion.