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Spring Cleaning Made Simple

If the scents of winter are pine tree, peppermint, and chocolate, then the smells of springtime are rain showers, cherry blossoms, and freshly washed laundry. At the turn of the new year, we organized our Reunion homes, and now it’s time for a refreshing deep clean. Set aside a weekend, put it on the calendar, and keep it entirely dedicated to a total-family, all-hands-on-deck cleaning spree. Read on for three suggestions that will help you make the most of your work weekend and leave your house ready for spring gatherings!

Move to the Music

Leading up to Cleaning Weekend, have family members contribute two to ten songs – or more – to a playlist. Keep the tunes going all day. If you use the 20-10 method (20 minutes’ cleaning followed by a 10-minute break), plan a dance competition during a couple of those breaks and let the winner hand over one of their chores!

Use the Right Tools

With all of the innovations for cleaning gadgets, you’re still the one who knows for sure what you need. A personal steam cleaner for upholstery makes sense if your little ones have spilled apple juice more than twice on the couch, but it may not be worth the investment if you need to clean windowsful of miniblinds (try microfiber dusters)! Invest in what you will use more than twice, and rent what you will only need a couple of times.

All in One Place

Start with an essential list, and then customize. For instance, the appliances in your Reunion’s chef kitchen will need stainless steel cleaner, but marble, quartz, and granite counters should only be cleaned with mild detergent and warm water to prevent breaking down the stone’s sealant. Gather all of the supplies in one place, and return them to that one place, so everyone knows where to find glass cleaner, cleaning cloths, sponges, and more.

Taking the time to thoroughly clean, dust, de-crumb, and disinfect will ensure that your Reunion home will last for decades. To find your forever home, contact Reunion today!