Planning Ahead for Mother's Day - Reunion CO

Planning Ahead for Mother’s Day

Reunion’s welcoming community is home to moms and mommy-like caregivers of all kinds. If you’re planning festivities for May 8 to honor a mother in your life, we’ve got tips to help you plan the perfect day. The biggest thing to remember? The plans you make should be about what she wants, even if you might be tempted to give in to the three-year-old’s suggestion of giving mommy a day full of ice cream and stuffed animals. Every mother is different: Some mothers want to spend time with the children they parent while others would like a day of rest. Brunch on the town or books on the couch? If you don’t know what to do for the mom in your life, read on — we’ve got you covered.

Surrounded by Loved Ones

Moms love to spend quality time with their offspring. You might spend the weekend camping, take advantage of Denver’s food scene to enjoy a gourmet brunch, or throw a dinner party in your beautiful Reunion home (tip: don’t make her clean). Whatever you’re planning, make reservations now! Restaurants, classes, and concerts fill up quickly on this day and nobody wants to be left empty-handed. Hosting a meal? Arrange catering in advance. Want to take a class together? Treat her to a private family yoga lesson by hiring the instructor for an afternoon session or seek out a local artist for your own paint ‘n sip adventure.

Snuggled in Loving Thoughts

What if mom wants to take a little time for herself? Whether you arrange a spa day or take the tykes out to give her a parenting break, plan the details so she can relax. Make reservations in advance for a spa experience or purchase a gift card to Reunion Coffee House to cover her daily latte. If she’ll be spending the day lounging on the porch, stock the house with her favorite sips and nibbles! Win-win: If grandparents live close by, they might love having the kids over as their Mother’s Day celebration while mama has the house to herself.

Adding flowers, a bottle of Prosecco, a new novel, or a card drawn by the kids rounds out your plans and promises a special day for someone who means so much. If you are thinking of finding a home as unique and wonderful as she is, try Reunion. We’d love to show you around!