How to Spot a graduate

You might have noticed a particular group standing out in our already-amazing Reunion community. Are they new neighbors? Visiting dignitaries? No — they’re recent or soon-to-be graduates! Whether you encounter them at Reunion Park or the Rec Center, here are clues that you have been in the presence of someone who has finished a significant milestone in their education. Read on for advice on how to deal with these telltale signs.

How to Spot a graduate

CLUE: Dark Under-Eye Circles

Lack of sleep is a sure indicator of final exam study sessions. High school and college students are sacrificing sleep for final grades by cramming at the

last minute or diligently reviewing material. Therefore, under-eye circles probably mean that graduation hasn’t actually happened yet. 

WHAT TO DO: Grab a triple espresso from Reunion Coffee House immediately and deliver it to the student in need. 

How to Spot a graduate

CLUE: Tassels 

Our littlest graduates will happily and loudly announce that they are now big kids, but the signs for older graduates may be more symbolic. Keep an eye out for graduation tassels — they’ll be brightly-colored and may hang from backpacks, purses, or rearview mirrors. You might also spot them trimmed to fit a key chain.

WHAT TO DO: Say “congratulations,” ask about summer plans, and give out major high fives (especially to the kindergarten grads).

How to Spot a graduate

CLUE: Graduation Announcements

Of course, a surefire way to identify a graduate is to receive a formal announcement. Those printed, foiled, personalized, embossed, and folded cards represent not only the graduate’s dedication to their education but also several weeks’ worth of assembly. Those announcements have a lot of parts! 

WHAT TO DO: Send an acknowledgment Graduates of all stripes are sure to appreciate a “congrats” text or a graduation gift for the next chapter — maybe a pretty throw pillow for a dorm, a fountain pen for the new law firm employee, or the always-appreciated classic of a gift card. 

How to Spot a graduate

We’re so proud of our Reunion graduates, from pre-K to Ph.D. If you want to join our brilliant and well-educated community, call us so we can help find your dream home today!