Spare Room Transformations

Everyone has a space in their home that they’re not quite sure how to use — it could be a second-floor loft, a finished basement, an extra bedroom, or an underutilized study. Here at Reunion, too much space is a problem we’re happy to have! Our homes offer abundant room for you and your family to spread out, all crafted with thoughtfully unique details and real neighborhood authenticity. Read on for a few neat ideas on how to make a spare room truly yours

Tranquil Home Office

Whether you work remotely full-time or simply need a base to organize your busy life, a home office is a common way to use an extra bedroom or open space. Try a standing desk to improve posture and avoid the backache of hunching over a computer screen all day — many models convert from traditional to standing, if you’re new to standing while working. Choose your paint color to spark your mood: Cool color schemes can soothe stress, while bright and lively palettes can give you energy to push through your work day. Consider using a designated organizer to wrangle all your tech’s charging cords and cables. Don’t forget a few office plants — species like the ZZ plant, spider plant, and peace lily can remove toxins and pollutants from the air to keep your lungs happy and healthy during your 9-to-5.

Spare Room Transformations

Rise and Grind in a Home Gym

A home gym is another common way to use an empty basement or bedroom. To transform a spare space into your own personal fitness haven, start by rolling out padded floor or yoga mats to protect your hardwood, cushion your knees during your workout, and silence any noise from jumping in high-intensity exercises. To store equipment like jump ropes, free weights, and resistance bands, consider using a pegboard organizer or leaning shelf. Design has a huge impact on our mood and energy, so consider carefully what you’d like on the walls — like inspiring mantras, themed wallpaper, or textured wood planks for a sauna feel. Don’t forget a caddy for water bottles and a Bluetooth speaker for blasting your favorite energizing tunes!

If you feel like getting out of the house, Reunion’s Recreation Center features more than 21,000 square feet of equipment, classes, and gym space just steps away from your home. 

Spare Room Transformations

Get Crafty

Do you have a do-it-yourself streak? If so, a craft room could be the perfect place to exercise your skills. Organization is essential for a craft room: Try a multi-compartment storage unit for all your tools and materials and consider removable wallpaper in your storage unit’s compartments for a fun pop of pattern or color! Magnetic shelves arranged deskside are a simple solution to keep your tools handy and your workspace uncluttered. Inspiration strikes in a flash, so have a chalk, cork, or whiteboard around to jot down ideas, pin up samples, or display your latest creations. 

Spare Room Transformations

Clothes Galore

Is retail therapy more your style? Indulge your inner fashionista by converting an extra room into the ultimate walk-in closet to display your clothes, shoes, and all the accessories! Many home goods stores offer free-standing clothes racks, which you can arrange around the room as desired. A stylish chair set in the center of the room can serve as a vantage point to admire your collections — don’t forget your favorite fashion and design books to flip through for inspiration! You can coordinate the perfect ensemble from head to toe using shoe and jewelry racks that keep your collections at eye level. 

Though a walk-in closet can be a luxurious use for extra space, many Reunion homes (like the Melody floorplan from Richmond American Homes) already feature oversized walk-in closets. You can never have too much of a good thing!

Spare Room Transformations

Extra space doesn’t come at a premium in Reunion homes — it’s essential for your busy life and family. If you’re daydreaming about a home with prime amenities, unique style, and quality craftsmanship, check us out online or give us a call at 303-486-8842 to find your new hometown today.