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Winter Crafts For When The Temps Drop

Although it’s been a snowy season so far, we Coloradans count ourselves lucky that even the most bitter winter days are usually still bright and sunny. But when temperatures drop and holiday festivities are firmly in the rearview, wintertime can push us to get cozy, grab a blanket, and hibernate in our Reunion homes until those warmer days emerge. If you start to get bored and restless, have no fear: Read on for a few easy craft activities to help you break out of your indoor slump and glow up your home until spring arrives. 

Simmering Potpourri 

Springtime renews our days in nature with the unmistakable scent of rain and fresh soil, but the smells of winter — such as pine and juniper — are best found inside your home oasis. With a simmering potpourri, you no longer need a hearth to keep your home smelling seasonally fresh. Simply use your stovetop, a pot of water, and your favorite winter spices to make your space feel joyful and festive (without being overpowering). We suggest this delightful combination of orange juniper and rosemary to capture the essence of winter. Protip: Be sure you’re topping off the water in your pot as it evaporates into a delicious steam throughout the day.

Gourd Birdhouse

Gourds — a fleshy fruit species that includes squash, cucumbers, and melons — are a familiar presence throughout fall and winter, used as often for decor as they are for sustenance. When not serving as tasteful home ornaments, gourds have also been known to make excellent birdhouses. Simply take an old gourd after its skin has hardened and its insides have dried up, and — using a hole saw — drill a 1.5-inch hole into its center to create an opening. Clean out the insides, add a coat of paint, and hang outside your window with twine to enjoy hours of delightful birdwatching. Your local cold-weather feathered friends will thank you! Additionally, you can use the seeds scraped from the inside and plant them in your garden to grow your own gourds next year. 


DIY Hanging Shelf

If the temperature insists you stay inside and you don’t want to bundle up to hike along the 10 miles of outdoor trails at Reunion, you may catch yourself staring at the walls contemplating what’s next. Luckily, this is an excellent opportunity to take the time to make a few home improvements. Clean-looking and easy to install, a DIY Hanging Shelf is perfect for adding personality to any blank space in your home. Each shelf you add can serve as an art piece or a unique display of plants and photos that bring some much-needed color to the wintry season. Simply grab a piece of poplar wood and some macrame cording from the hardware store, then use a drill to fasten. You’ll find the unfinished wood adds an earthy feel and instantly lifts the aesthetic of any room at a fraction of the cost of what you could buy new from a furniture store.

While cold temperatures may put a damper on your outdoor plans, they don’t have to put a damper on your creativity. As you take time to enjoy the comforts of your Reunion home, use these craft ideas to kick the winter doldrums and keep your head and hands engaged in something fun! If you want to experience a cozy winter in our special hometown community, get in touch with us today.