The Benefits of Master-Planned Communities like Reunion - Reunion CO

The Benefits of Master-Planned Communities like Reunion

In the past, master-planned communities (MPCs) meant that some detached company simply plopped down a row of houses, put a gate around them, and called it a day. Today, master-planned neighborhoods like Reunion are focused on building true communities and meeting residents’ lifestyle needs — and are limited only by designers’ imaginations. As MPCs continue to expand the possibility of what a “hometown” means, we’re thrilled to be leading the vanguard when it comes to crafting a truly special place to put down roots. Read on to discover why communities like Reunion are the wave of the future.

A Sense of Place

Did you know that master-planned communities are even older than the United States? The first planned community in the New World was founded in St. Augustine, Florida in 1565. Needless to say, they’ve come a long way since then (we even have electricity now!). Since their inception, planned communities have brought together like-minded individuals to live together in hopeful harmony. While MPCs of the past were limited by their formulaic designs, modern communities like Reunion are all about adaptability and creating a deep sense of place for residents. 


As a trusted MPC, Reunion provides so much more than just a place to live. Our goal is to bring every household a “Real Hometown” feel, something we accomplish by combining the luxuries of urban living with the space and sense of the suburbs into one amenity-rich Colorado oasis. 

One of the benefits of living in an MPC is never having to exhaust yourself by keeping up with the Joneses. It’s easy to share your interests and stay connected with your neighbors by attending any number of fun monthly community events — or just by catching up with friends at the award-winning Reunion Coffee House, located just minutes from your front door. 

MPCs are ideal for those who want a year-round active lifestyle but may find that their free time is limited by job or family responsibilities. In a planned community like Reunion, it’s easy to find a workout partner whenever you’re feeling the urge for a little cardio. Our aircraft-hanger-sized Recreation Center is a true community hub where you have ample room to sweat, play some pickup hoops, or simply relax poolside by one of our luxurious outdoor swim areas. 

Room to Move

A master-planned community like Reunion offers easy access to Denver’s bustling metropolis while also providing what the city cannot: lots of green space. Our residents make the most of the Colorado outdoors with 52 acres of impressive lakes, playgrounds, sports fields, and parks. Want to hit the links? Life at Reunion means green space can be your happy place with our proximity to Buffalo Run, a fully-maintained 18-hole golf course owned and maintained by Commerce City.

Just as important to the community is an educational space where students have room to thrive. Not every MPC offers its own educational infrastructure — but at Reunion, every child has access to competitive educational opportunities through the Landmark Academy as well as the recently-opened STEAD School

Master-planned communities like Reunion are all about ensuring residents can live life to the fullest — together. We’re so proud of the work we’ve put in to deliver the complete package: thoughtful design, modern conveniences, and a true hometown feel. If you’re looking for a community that makes it easy to meet your ideal work/life balance, our gyms, schools, coffee shops, grocery stores, and green spaces — all within your neighborhood’s interior — can make that happen. With all the options and benefits, it’s easy to see why the future of intentional living has already arrived — want to see what it’s like in person? Get in touch with us today!