Colorado Tips for your Summer Camping Trip

We know that most Coloradans enjoy getting up into the Rockies at least a few times per year — and Reunion is conveniently located near the Front Range, a place where all your camping dreams can come true. Excursions into Colorado’s rugged and sometimes unpredictable terrain can be different than those in other locales, so we have three rules natives like to follow: Be prepared, don’t underestimate, and be considerate. For more tips on improving your summer camping trip around our beautiful home state, read on! 

Colorado Tips for your Summer Camping Trip

Plan Ahead

If you want to get away this summer, it’s best to start planning ASAP. While you’ll find thousands of campsites in Colorado National and State Parks, the endless influx of eager campers means that available space can fill up fast — often months in advance. Once you decide which part of the state you want to explore, make a reservation online to secure the campsite for your trip. For some smart suggestions of where to start, begin with this list by a trusted local. 

Be sure to choose a campsite with the amenities you need to make you feel comfortable. For example: If you glamp more than you camp, be sure to reserve a site that provides a hot shower to start your day, otherwise you may be out of luck. Additionally, many locations now require you to purchase a pass or permit while visiting. Plan ahead by reviewing the websites and double-check the information posted at campground entrances to avoid potential fines. 

Colorado Tips for your Summer Camping Trip

Packing Prep

When you’re away from your cozy Reunion home, you don’t want to be blindsided by sudden weather changes. Depending on where you venture, even summer camping in Colorado can mean experiencing the highs and lows of every season — we’re sure you all remember last year’s late-May blizzard. 

Begin your trip preparation by knowing what to pack. If you plan to sleep out under the stars, bring a tent with a rain cover in case of a sudden storm. If you’re exploring some of Colorado’s higher altitudes, you may find that temperatures drop dramatically at night — so pack a down sleeping bag as well as a sleeping pad for an extra insulating layer of warmth. Since summer is the ideal camping time it’s likely to be a lot warmer during the day, which means direct sun and bug bites. Protect your neck — as well as your little ones — and bring a supply of sunscreen and bug spray on your journey. Your skin will thank you later! 

Colorado Tips for your Summer Camping Trip

Food Storage

Just because you’re enjoying a well-maintained campsite doesn’t mean that wild animals will steer clear. Colorado wildlife is used to humans sharing their area — so fauna like bears, raccoons, and deer won’t think twice about seeking out the delicious food they smell. Whether you’re camping out of an RV or a backpack, keep yourself and our animal friends safe by properly storing food in containers to avoid any dangerous encounters. While a visit from wildlife can initially seem harmless or even whimsical, it’s best to consult these wildlife safety tips to know what to expect when unexpected furry friends drop by for a visit.

Colorado Tips for your Summer Camping Trip


Blissing out in the peaceful calm of nature is one of the best parts of camping. Every camper comes to nature to get away from civilization, but it can be hard to rejuvenate if we bring our noises along with us. When we overpower nature with speaker stereos or loud voices, we can’t listen to the wind in the trees, singing birds, or the running stream we’ve traveled from afar to hear. When sharing a campground or space, a good rule of thumb is to keep it down between 8pm and 6am — people tend to go to sleep a lot earlier when spending extended hours in natural light — as you never know who might be inadvertently listening to your raucous campfire sing-along. 

If getting away for a full-on camping trip isn’t in the cards, not to worry! With 150 acres of parks and 10 miles of beautiful trails, Reunion offers plenty of nature to soak in. This spring, we hope you find your way over to Sunflower Park for a quiet evening walk or to Harmony HOA park, which is ideal for getting out a burst of energy! And when you come home from your adventure, know that you’ll always have your special hometown community waiting for you. Want to be a part of Colorado’s magical lifestyle? Get in touch with us today.