Five Must-Do Day Trips Near Reunion - Reunion CO

Five Must-Do Day Trips Near Reunion

When you live in beautiful Colorado, it’s easy to set your sights on a journey of exploration right from the heart of your hometown. Within a short two-hour drive from Commerce City lies an array of day trip destinations that promise unforgettable experiences for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re in search of serene natural landscapes, thrilling outdoor adventures, or captivating historical and cultural landmarks, keep reading for must-do day trips near Reunion.

Rocky Mountain National Park: 1.5-hour drive

A short drive away, Rocky Mountain National Park (not to be confused with our neighboring Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge) awaits with its awe-inspiring mountain vistas, pristine alpine lakes, and abundant wildlife. Embark on scenic drives, hike along well-marked trails, or simply revel in the natural grandeur of this iconic national park. With opportunities for wildlife spotting, photography, and memorable experiences aplenty, a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park promises to be an enriching family adventure.

Estes Park: 1.5-hour drive

Located at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park offers a charming mountain town experience. Stroll along the picturesque Riverwalk, explore local shops and galleries, and savor delicious cuisine in the heart of the Rockies. For a touch of spooky history, visit the historic Stanley Hotel — infamously known as the inspiration for Stephen King‘s legendary horror novel “The Shining.”

Garden of the Gods: 1.5-hour drive

Venture south to Colorado Springs and be mesmerized by the iconic Garden of the Gods, a natural marvel boasting striking red rock formations that have captivated visitors for generations. Take a leisurely walk or hike through the park’s scenic trails and witness the juxtaposition of the magnificent rocks against the backdrop of Pikes Peak and the surrounding landscape.

Golden: 30-minute drive

Located just half an hour from Reunion, Golden is a delightful town steeped in history and natural beauty. Visit the fascinating Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, take a tour of the Coors Brewery, or meander along Clear Creek where you can enjoy kayaking, tubing, or a relaxing picnic by the water.

Georgetown: 1-hour drive

Step back in time with a visit to Georgetown, a historic mining town filled with Victorian charm. Explore the well-preserved buildings, unique boutiques, and delightful cafes that line the picturesque streets. Don’t miss the Georgetown Loop Railroad for an unforgettable old-timey journey through the breathtaking Rocky Mountains!

Living at Reunion means having easy access to a wealth of exciting day trip opportunities — not to mention all the incredible amenities that are part of our community itself. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration, these excursions are sure to leave you with cherished memories, a deeper appreciation for the natural and cultural wonders of Colorado, and beloved photos to hang in your new Reunion home. Want to take the first steps toward your new neighborhood? Get in touch with us today! We can’t wait to have you join us.