Harvesting Memories: A Guide to Nearby U-Pick Farms - Reunion CO

Harvesting Memories: A Guide to Nearby U-Pick Farms

As you explore our scenic trails and breathe in the crisp mountain air, we can’t think of a better way to savor the Colorado countryside than by paying a visit to our local U-Pick farms. Whether you’re seeking plump pumpkins, juicy apples, or vibrant sunflowers, these beloved locales have you covered — and as proud members of the Reunion community, we’re thrilled to introduce you to these seasonal destinations.

Anderson Farms

Anderson Farms is Colorado’s largest fall family entertainment destination. Open September 20 through October 30, they have all the staples of a lovely fall festival — including the opportunity to venture through fields of pumpkins of all varieties to find the one that perfectly suits your family’s needs. In addition to pumpkins, an epic corn maze, a petting zoo, funnel cakes, and many more activities will make for a memorable day.

Maize in the City

Known for its incredible corn maze, Maize in the City invites you to get lost in your own backyard. Try your luck navigating their 20+ acre corn maze or mini maze and see how fast you can make it out. They also have a pumpkin patch where you can find the perfect gourd to carve for Halloween, as well as a corn launcher, sand art, barrel rides, hay bale maze, playground, and more!

Hankins Farms

Ready to go pumpkin picking? Hankins Farms is a local gem that is set back off the highway and secluded from the hustle and bustle, offering a dreamy escape this time of year. Spend the day in their U-Pick pumpkin patch to discover a wide selection, from small decorative ones to large options perfect for carving. Feeling more low key? Bring your lawn chair then sit back and relax under one of the old cottonwood trees — it’s a convenient and charming spot to celebrate the fall season.

Berry Patch Farms

We’ve been talking a lot about pumpkins, but you’ll find plenty of other seasonal delights ready to harvest at this time of year. Berry Patch Farms is a local grower that offers a delightful U-Pick experience throughout the seasons. You can pick strawberries, raspberries, cherries, cucumbers, flowers, and herbs — and if you’re feeling generous, there are always weeds that need to be picked!

Our Reunion community is your gateway to these fantastic U-Pick farms — so as we embrace fall with open arms and a strong connection to nature, we hope you find delight in harvesting the season’s bounty. 

If you have yet to join our community, we extend our warmest invitation to you. Get in touch to find your ideal home and embark on a fall adventure in our picturesque corner of Colorado.