A WHEELY fun Reunion event! - Reunion CO

A WHEELY fun Reunion event!

This past Saturday, more than 90 cars participated in Reunion’s Shine On Car Show! The early September event was sunny and warm as over 100 residents enjoyed some absolutely awesome automobiles — all accommodated by a bit of beautiful weather.

The lines of cars had our minds RACING!

Did you catch this sleek son-of-a-gun?

A number of awe-inspiring classics entranced attendants.

Residents enjoyed the many amazing cars as they strolled past…

While other residents zipped through the show on bikes!

Give me a BRAKE! Look at those huge tires!

Now *that’s* a lot of horsepower in one photo!

Even some fluffy friends came to the BARKING lot to see the show!

This car was originally built in 1918! It must be EXHAUSTed!

A unique trophy was awarded to this year’s Shine On Car Show’s Best of Show!

Is it DRIVING you crazy that you didn’t make it to this event? Don’t miss out on Reunion’s next exciting affair by taking a look at the event calendar to see what fun stuff we have coming up.