Hydrate Your Home: Three Water-Themed Elements to Refresh your Space

Hydrate Your Home: Three Water-Themed Elements to Refresh your Space

As we attempt to stave off the late-summer heat, consider adding refreshing water-themed elements to your decor. Water’s healing and curative powers deliver a boost of soothing energy to your home inside and out. At Reunion, modern floorplans with spacious backyards and optional patios make it easy for your family to add custom water elements to your home. Read on for inspiring installations you can design and create with your family. 


Hydrate Your Home: Three Water-Themed Elements to Refresh your SpaceA Backyard Pond

Upgrade your backyard with an eye-popping pond. Use rocks, comfortable seating, and colorful foliage to create the serene space you’ve been dreaming of. Classic additions — like delicate water lilies — add life and unique character to your pond. Surprisingly self-sufficient, koi fish thrive in spacious ponds and, with proper precautions, can survive through Colorado winters. Representing good luck and abundance in Japanese culture, allow these fishy friends to bring positive fortune to your home. With a stunning backyard from Oakwood Homes, effortlessly transform your morning meditation and yoga sessions into an otherworldly experience. Invite the soothing sounds of trickling water to help you release stress and anxiety to feel refreshed and recharged. 


Hydrate Your Home: Three Water-Themed Elements to Refresh your SpaceBirdbath

Colorado boasts a diverse population of birds that have one thing in common: They enjoy a nice cleansing bath from time to time. Attract local favorites — like the Rufous hummingbird or mourning dove — by installing a breathtaking bird bath. Over the weekend, craft your own design using upcycled materials you probably already have lying around the house. Allow your kids to get creative with spray paint, colorful stones, and flowers to make their mark on your family project. When planning the perfect placement for your birdbath, consider a home from Richmond American — you’ll find optional patios that allow you to complete your project and host your neighborhood birds.


Hydrate Your Home: Three Water-Themed Elements to Refresh your SpaceIndoor Fountain

Instantly enhance the flow of energy within your home with a tranquil indoor fountain. You’ll find dozens of soothing options online that easily perch atop your kitchen counter, bedside table, or office desk. Design and construct a custom fountain with just a few tools and materials you can find at your local hardware store. Bring your fountain to life by adding pebbles, small plants, and LED lighting for a truly unique experience. TRI Pointe Homes offers gorgeous new floorplans that provide ample space for your fountain in the great room, dining area, or flex room. Catch up on your summer reading or answer emails set to the sound of peacefully rushing water.

The Reunion community offers one-of-a-kind floorplans that easily display your favorite water-themed decor. Whether you place a birdbath on the patio, design a pretty pond, or craft a custom fountain, your home will enjoy a burst of invigorating energy with these charming ideas. Don’t forget to share your DIY progress and final products with us on Instagram!