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Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Patio for Spring

With warmer weather and longer days getting closer with each passing sunset, evenings spent out on your Reunion patio are right around the corner. The beginning of the season is the perfect time to make updates to your outdoor space, so we’ve selected a few tips to help you prep your patio for spring. Whether you just want to tidy up plants and furniture or feel like reinventing the whole space, these ideas will get you started.


Begin with the Basics

Your first steps in patio prep should take into account the state of your space. Did any of your paving stones or parts of your deck sustain damage from harsh winter weather? Check for places that might need light repairs before moving on to any decorating. A quick clean is the next step you shouldn’t skip —  be sure to remove any debris that collected over winter with a broom. To eliminate stains, consider using a solution with common household essentials — after allowing it to sit, simply wash off the excess residue. When you finish with tidying, all your tools can return to the spacious storage space of your Reunion home.

Plan Your Layout

When you start thinking about furniture, try imagining how you plan to use your patio. Are you already thinking of evening cocktails with friends? You might want to set up some outside-suitable chairs or a couch in a way that maximizes your view of the sunset. Maybe you plan on having family meals on your patio — make sure you select a durable table that can withstand the elements and is easily wiped clean of messes. Many Reunion floorplans feature covered patios that are perfect for enjoying the evening no matter what the weather has in store.

Get Creative!

Once you’ve taken care of cleaning and setup, consider ways you can have fun with it! If you want waterproof cushions to contribute some extra color, choose stylishly understated hues or go bold. A new sun-brella could brighten your patio even further — maybe you’ll want to match it with your cushions or use it as a contrast! When considering other ways to personalize your patio, playful options include adding a fire pit or a new water feature. A fire pit makes a cozy centerpiece and is an atmospheric way to set the mood for a romantic night. Alternatively, get the conversation going with your neighborhood community using an eye-catching blade fountain or enjoy local wildlife with a beautiful bird bath. 


No matter whether you want to simply spruce up your patio or overhaul the entire design, these tips will help get your ideas flowing. Want more suggestions? The Reunion community can always help you make your home look its best.