Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

As we look forward to spring and warmer weather, many of us are beginning our backyard dreaming — starting with the garden! The interior of your Reunion home is looking good, and now you’re thinking about ways to get the exterior to match. As you make your home spring-ready, here are a few tips to update and manage your outdoor space and create an enviable garden.


An Overview Isn’t Overkill

Before you start tilling and sowing, a thorough once-over can bring to light any areas that may need a little extra love. While some plants and parts of your garden don’t need much motivation to grow on their own — and Colorado’s 300 yearly days of sunshine certainly helps — others benefit from dedicated TLC. Inspect your garden to determine which places could use the support from fences, stakes, or trellises.

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring


 Ensure Your Equipment is Ready

Sometimes tidying your yard means using heavy-duty equipment. To streamline the task  — and to guarantee your garden is the talk of the neighborhood — make sure you’ve had maintenance done on your most important tools. When was the last time you sharpened the blades on your lawnmower? Other tools might also need personal attention, as anything with an edge could require sharpening or replacing. Always remember to prioritize safety! Don’t forget protective gear like gloves and durable clothing while you work on making your Reunion home’s outdoor space look its best. 


Prep is Important

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or are testing out a newly-sprouted green thumb, prepping your yard is an important aspect to help prepare the soil for new growth. Although not the most exciting part of the process, less glamorous tasks — like removing weeds and pruning blooming plants — will promote the overall health of your garden and keep it in tip-top shape. The good news is that Reunion homes come ready-landscaped with healthy grass and soil, so gearing up for garden season is effortless and exciting! 

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring


Plan It Before You Plant It

If you want to cultivate plants that spread as they grow, consider using stakes as training tools. Some plants — like hibiscus — respond readily to stakes, improving the spacing and overall aesthetic of the yard. Likewise, herbs and flowers known for their height can benefit from the support that stakes provide. Looking to expand your homegrown produce? Take a look at this throwback blog post to discover the best vegetables to sow in your Colorado garden — as well as some ideas for creative recipes. 


Spring is a magical time for new projects and hobbies. If you’re thinking about taking up gardening, spacious backyards at Reunion serve as the perfect blank slate for your verdant masterpiece-to-be. Not a resident just yet? Contact us today to start the search for your dream home!