Outdoor Summer Crafts for the Family

Outdoor Summer Crafts for the Family

With warm weather settling in for the season, sunshine is on everyone’s mind. Many outside activities — like playing in the neighborhood park — take a fair amount of energy, but some people prefer a more low-key relaxation style. If you want to spend time outdoors in a more laid-back way, check out our list of summer crafts for the family that you can enjoy on your Reunion patio or driveway.


Homemade Soap Bubbles

While you can find pre-made bubble solution in a craft store, making your own is an easy way to get your children actively involved. For a mixture of soap bubbles, combine four cups of warm water with white sugar, then pour in half a cup of your favorite brand of dish soap and stir until combined. To jazz it up, distribute your bubble solution among several plastic containers before adding a few drops of food dye to each container to achieve fun colors that everyone will love. You’re now ready to head out and start filling your Reunion neighborhood with whimsical bubbles!


Stamped Dish Towels

Having your children help you create hand-stamped dish towels adds a personal touch to your kitchen. The towels you use should be plain — and while you can decide what material you want, keep in mind that certain types (like terrycloth) may change the shape of your prints. Other required supplies include fabric paints and summer-themed rubber stamps like fruits, seashells, or flowers. Stamp your patterns onto each towel, but make sure you heat-set the paint before washing. Crafting with kids? Set up a tarp or butcher paper to protect your patio from stains!


Painted Rocks

For this classic craft, you only need rocks with smooth surfaces and acrylic paint. This can become an advanced art project or you can keep it simple depending on experience level. Outdoor Summer Crafts for the FamilyWith younger children, try using fingers or brushes to make abstract shapes. If your older kids want a challenge, provide them with a range of brush sizes so they can paint custom summery scenes. Painted rocks can be fun additions to your garden or paperweights you use in your home office — where will you put yours?


It’s easy to enjoy warm days in Colorado from the comfort of your gorgeous home in the Reunion community. Tell us how you plan to use your outdoor space this summer!