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Three Fourth of July Crafts for the Family

Fireworks, flags, and fun! With Independence Day on the horizon, consider being especially creative with your celebrations this year. Whether you’re looking for ways to get your children involved in the holiday or are dreaming of your next DIY decor project, these festive Fourth of July crafts will do the trick.


Pipe Cleaner Fireworks Rings

Everybody knows that the Fourth of July means fireworks, but they don’t necessarily have to be loud and explosive! An assortment of craft pipe cleaners is all you need to make fireworks rings — choose sparkly red, white, and blues for a more festive look. For each ring, cut three pipe cleaners into halves (giving you six pieces). Then take five of the segments and bend halfway before wrapping the final stem midway around to create the circle you’ll wear — adjusting as necessary. Finally, fold out the loose ends into a flat firework shape. Wear a few to the Reunion Red, White and Bluefest on Saturday, June 26 and be sure to bring some extras for friends!


Star Suncatchers

These charming crayon creations make cheerful additions to any window in your home! For crafting, you’ll require broken or scrap crayons, wax paper, a clothes iron, and strong scissors. Begin by distributing shavings of red or blue wax on one-half of your wax paper. Be sure to leave a margin on all sides. Fold the other half on top and seal along the open sides to create an “envelope.” Iron your envelopes under parchment paper until melted. Once cool, outline and cut out the stars. Leave the star suncatchers as they are or punch holes and dangle from your sun-filled windows for a truly special sight!

Fabric Scrap Flags

If you don’t feel like buying new supplies, this project can utilize leftover materials you already have lying around. Start by selecting seven red and six white strips of ribbon or lace. All should be of about equal length — size is up to you! Arrange and glue one end of each strip along a wooden dowel or rod, alternating between red and white. To create the blue section with stars, cut a rectangle of navy fabric and adhere white buttons or beads before attaching to the corner of your stripes to complete the fabric flag. Hang the finished piece using string and display out on your porch or keep it inside as living room decoration.

Celebrate the season with your community and make lasting memories with these Fourth of July crafts! Want to learn more about Reunion? Reach out to us today!