Three Healthy Summer Snacks for All Ages

Add a little fun to your summer snacking! Whether you’re seeking healthy appetizers for a Saturday barbecue or simply want to try a new afternoon treat for your kids, Reunion has you covered for summer snacks. From crunchy vegetables to refreshing fruits, discover our culinary suggestions for Colorado summers.

Frozen Grapes

Satisfy your morning cravings with frozen grapes. This simple snack helps you introduce more fruit into your daily diet — and its convenience means you won’t have an excuse to reach for the bag of chips instead. Wash a bunch of red or green seedless grapes and remove the stems, then pat dry with a paper towel and transfer into a plastic bag. Allow to fully freeze overnight (or at least for several hours) before enjoying a handful as a sweet treat or a healthy dessert out on your patio!

Veggies and Hummus

Perfect for active days at Reunion Park, this kid-friendly snack provides delicious nutrition with a fun crunch. Chop a variety of vegetables — such as celery, carrots, or broccoli — into one- or two-inch pieces. Pack the segments into a sealable container along with single-serving portions of homemade hummus and keep fresh in an insulated cooler. For an adult dinner party, arrange the vegetables on an attractive platter and include additional dips such as ranch dressing or baba ganoush.  

Three Healthy Summer Snacks for All Ages

Tomato Bruschetta

Classic yet easy to prepare, bruschetta offers a sophisticated take on toast. Thickly slice one loaf of French bread. Brush with olive oil, then gently toast both sides of each piece of bread — either using your stove or your outdoor grill. To make the topping, roughly chop three or four medium tomatoes and mix in a drizzle of olive oil as well as salt and ground pepper. Rub the grilled bread slices with fresh garlic and spoon on your seasoned tomatoes. Serve to your friends as a part of a memorable weekend brunch gathering in your dining area!

Three Healthy Summer Snacks for All Ages

If you want to upgrade your food habits and try out different flavors, these snack ideas offer inspiration — and your taste buds will thank you! Let us know which one you’re trying first and reach out to learn more about Reunion’s unique community.