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The Benefits of Living in a Master-Planned Community

Did you know? The difference between an amenity-filled subdivision and a true master-planned community is that MPCs were originally conceived to address problems of urban sprawl, the dislocation of society, and the ability of people to combine work, home, and community. Metropolitan districts — like the one we love to call home at Reunion — have been carefully designed and built around the needs of couples and families, young and old. Read on to discover a few of our favorite aspects of MPC life.


Research overwhelmingly suggests that the success of MPCs comes down to their ability to provide a sense of connection. One survey of a California MPC found a strong sense of community among residents in each neighborhood. From participating in community events (like Trunk or Treat!) to meeting up with friends at the cherished Reunion Coffee House, Reunion truly forges meaningful relationships among those who’ve chosen to make a life here.


Living in a master-planned community allows homeowners to spend less time running errands and more time on recreation. Check all the items off your to-do list at North Range Town Center — auto service, food, nails, bank — or visit Reunion Marketplace Center for King Soopers, delicious restaurants, and cozy coffee shops. Make a quick, convenient stop by Reunion Village for staples like milk and bread

After getting those necessities out of the way, treat yourself to a little “you time” at the Reunion Rec Center. Covering “everything from arts and crafts to Zumba classes,” our 21,100 square foot facility includes an indoor gymnasium, fitness center, meeting areas, and locker rooms. In the summer months, the interactive features of the Rec Center pool provide twisting slides and sparkling waters to help you relax and reenergize.

If you want to try a different form of recreation, it’s easy to head into the gorgeous nearby landscape. Another benefit of master-planned communities is the way they intentionally incorporate the natural features of an area. At Reunion, that means 150 acres of parks, 170 acres of open space, eight acres of lakes and waterfalls, and 15 miles of trails for all hiking levels. Pull together a pick-up game of soccer or softball, cook out in one of the picnic hubs, let your little ones put on impromptu concerts in the amphitheater, or just appreciate Colorado’s beauty with a leisurely evening stroll.


In addition to recreation, master-planned communities provide different kinds of security. The very nature of an MPC immediately addresses physical security. Somewhat removed from commercial and industrial areas, they function like small self-contained cities. Reunion itself captures the pioneering spirit of the frontier, reclaiming the agricultural legacy of Commerce City to build a thriving community.

MPCs like Reunion also offer financial security and a vision for the future. The American Planning Association writes that “one of the greatest challenges for planners is to imagine what can and should happen to a community: how it should grow and change, and what it should offer residents 10, 15, or even 20 years into the future.” Prospective buyers will be pleased to know that thoughtfully master-planned communities can end up protecting home values during a recession. A mixed-use development that integrates residential, commercial, cultural, and institutional sites makes for effective land use. The development of the Reunion Community Foundation means that not only can you rest assured that your home is a wise financial investment, but you will know that you’re also investing in the hearts and minds of your neighbors. 


MPCs have the responsibility and the privilege to make plans for the education of local children grades K-12, and our community’s commitment to quality hands-on learning is unwavering. As modern technology and industries are rapidly changing, each school serving Reunion in the 27J School District carries the same purpose: “To create the right foundation for younger learners, and our future leaders, to engage thoughtfully in society as it continues to change.” One of the most exciting innovations for Reunion, in particular, is The Stead School, a project-based, student-led high school for experiential learning in science, technology, environment, agriculture, and systems design. Reunion intentionally invests in education for the future of its children — as well as its community.

However you choose to work, shop, live, and love, master-planned communities like Reunion have the amenities to help you make the most of every day. Living in the Reunion community ensures that your quality of life will go up, your stress levels will go down, and at the end of the day, your beautiful home will be waiting for you. Contact us today to take advantage of all of the wonderful features available at Reunion.