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Four Festive Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

We have so much to be thankful for in our Reunion community, but one of the small delights is the ability to set our beautiful dining areas with festive decor. Whether we’re hosting our own little crew or organizing an elaborate spread for friends and family, Reunion homes give us the space to celebrate in style. Candles are our go-to favorites for table decorations at any time of year — but if you want to spruce up your place settings this holiday, read on for our four tips to give your Thanksgiving table that extra dazzle.

Fancy Folding

Napkins are necessities at any dinner function, but that doesn’t mean they have to be drab! A few simple twists, turns, or pinches can turn a simple serviette into a delightful decoration. Now when a guest asks if they can “help in any way,” you can set them up at your spacious kitchen island, hand them a beverage, and show them how to fold while the two of you chat over dinner prep!

Kicking it With the Kids

Thanks to the open space between your formal dining room and your gourmet kitchen, you have plenty of room for the kids’ table. Use bright colors to wow your wunderkinds, like orange napkins, purple cups, and yellow flowers. Since you probably don’t want any candles at this table, instead print out a few coloring pages and put crayons or washable markers at each small setting. Depending on the age of your sweet cherubs, you could also print Bingo Boards, Pilgrim hats, or Matching Games to ensure everybody has fun. 

Pretty Pumpkin Bouquet

These darling table decorations are easy to make in your multi-level dream home! Cut off the tops of the pumpkins and slice a sliver from the bottom to create a flat edge before cleanly scooping out the pulp and seeds inside. When arranging flowers, remember the expert florist advice that both proportion and balance matter: The arrangement should be 1.5-2x the size of the container’s width or height. Use these in the center of your Thanksgiving table or make smaller ones with place cards for each guest.

Understated Elegance

The trends for this fall include the pale, muted colors of a simple but-savvy charm that echoes the style of your Reunion home. Choose one color to accent the soft white of pumpkins, plates, and candles. For green, accentuate with sage leaves — or try a pale yellow with marigold blossoms, small squash for orange, and pomegranates for a rustic red. Whatever palette you present, your guests will be swept away by the sophistication of your table.

As the world begins to reclaim a sense of normalcy, we look forward to enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends yet again. We are so grateful for the presence of those already here in our Reunion family, and we would love to extend the hospitality of our exceptional community to you. Contact us now to find the home of your dreams!