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Champagne Change Up: Fresh Fixes for a Classic New Year’s Drink

At midnight on December 31, across our Reunion community, people will be raising glasses, bestowing kisses, and welcoming the new year of 2022. Make the champagne toast at the stroke of 12 even fancier with easy tweaks to this traditional beverage. From fruit to flowers, rainbow colors and magical shimmer, top off this year with your prettiest champagne cocktails ever. Best of all, guests who aren’t imbibing can still experience the sensations by using ginger ale or club soda in place of alcohol. Ready to elevate your champagne game with these transformative tips? Read on!

The Classic

A classic Champagne cocktail involves a sugar cube soaked in bitters, with a shot of brandy and topped with bubbles, then garnished with a cherry. Variations include substituting gin for the brandy and lemon juice instead of bitters, or switching out the brandy for bourbon, and using vanilla simple syrup in place of the bitters and sugar.

The Customized

Set up a “flavor bar” and let guests mix their own glasses. Instead of sugar cubes, soak cherries in anise-flavored syrup or raspberries in lemon simple syrup. Try other additions like easy candied flower petals or a fragrant combination of pomegranate seeds and lavender buds.

The Colorful and Creative

Transform champagne into a rainbow by adding colorful liqueurs. Use Chambord or maraschino cherry juice for red, crème de violette for purple, Midori or Mountain Dew for green, or the ever-popular blue curaçao. Add a magical touch by turning the sparkles into swirling shimmers with food-grade edible luster dust.

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