Building Homes, Building Traditions

Moving into a new home is not only a celebration of your future, but the perfect time to start new traditions with your loved ones. Traditions provide a sense of connectedness for everyone in your household: Whether you’re already part of our Reunion community or you’re scheduled to move in soon, your home is the perfect location for family bonding. 

Read on for three suggestions to help you make regular use of your lovely Reunion space in meaningful ways.

Monday Minute

Building Homes, Building Traditions

Go super-simple and snap a new family selfie every week. Don’t worry about what you’re wearing, how messy your hair is, or if the little ones have peanut butter on their faces. Just huddle up, take the pic, hug each other for the perfect start to each week.

Setting aside just one minute on Mondays will eventually grow into a collection that shows off the progression of seasons, changes in hairstyles or height, and the consistent beauty of the best investment you’ve ever made: living at Reunion.

We dare you to find even a single corner of your home that’s not worthy of a photo op! From the decks and porches to the open-concept great rooms, your home is the perfect place to build forever family memories.

Taco Tuesday

Building Homes, Building Traditions

Tacos make headlines in memes and movie references, but seriously — who doesn’t love tacos? Taco Tuesdays offer flexibility for even the pickiest of eaters so that you can all come together for a filling fiesta.

The sprawling kitchen islands in Reunion homes can hold as many fixings as you can imagine — grilled chicken, ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, onions, olives, sour cream, cheese, hot sauce to taste — with enough elbow room for everyone to dig in. Joke-telling optional!

Going for Goals

Building Homes, Building Traditions

Goal-setting as a family is a powerful habit to build.

Whether you meet once per week or once per month, the key is to regularly review goals. This can happen over pizza night in the dining room or as a cozy morning at Reunion Coffee House.

Consider practical categories like meal planning or allowance-spending, as well as self-care topics or behavior goals (like counting to five before arguing with your sister).

Encourage everyone to share their own goals — even little ones can draw pictures — and help support each other through the week to achieve success! 

Spring brings new possibilities and a renewed commitment to togetherness, especially in a space you share with your unique and special family.

Focus on togetherness with regular traditions, no matter how small. Think of the memories you’ll make in Reunion — call us today so we can help you find your forever home!