Summer Cleaning Projects Around Your Home - Reunion CO

Summer Cleaning Projects Around Your Home

As we move into Colorado’s warmer months, it’s easy to rush right in and start planning events and get-togethers in your Reunion home — however, don’t forget that winter leaves behind plenty of seasonal traces, from dust and debris to dried-up pine needles and leaves. If you plan and execute them correctly, summer cleaning projects can be surprisingly satisfying while leaving your space feeling refreshed and organized. Read on for a few tips to help you get your lovely Reunion home ready for our favorite time of year.

To spruce up your outdoor space and prepare your patio for relaxing with family or entertaining friends, start by giving your windows an invigorating scrub inside and out for a sparkling shine. Next comes the outdoor clean sweep, where you remove all unwanted dirt, sticks, and other detritus — your backyard will be BBQ-ready in no time! 

Another cleaning project you can have your kids participate in is going through old toys to see what they have outgrown. Have them collect a pile with intention, which serves a dual purpose of tidying while also teaching them they can share with those less fortunate by donating. While you are sorting through your belongings, make sure to check bicycle tires for air and confirm that chains are properly oiled in time to pedal around the miles of trails throughout our community. 

kids on bike

Once you’re done getting outdoor areas in shape, don’t forget to check on and replace those seasonal items in your medicine cabinet! Sunscreen expires after three years, so be sure to toss outdated bottles and replace them with your favorite reef-safe SPF. Then move to an inventory of essentials such as bug spray, aloe gel, chapstick, and anti-itch cream so you’re prepared for all summer adventures. 

Once you’ve put in a little elbow grease your whole family will be ready to dive into the season with gusto. No matter what activities you participate in this summer — whether inside or outside your gorgeous Reunion home — be sure to stay safe and have fun! We can’t wait to see our happy residents out and about living their best lives.