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Kid-Friendly Summer Arts and Crafts Activities

Summertime is here! Everyone is itching to spend time outdoors, whether in our beloved community pool or in their gorgeous Reunion backyards. As much as we love breathing fresh summer air, it’s also good to switch things up with indoor fun — especially when you need to fill a day with activities to keep the kiddos entertained. Read on for a few tips to foster your kids’ creativity with a handful of arts and crafts projects perfect for the season.

We love painting rocks to look like animals for a new take on an old classic. Each child can pick their own favorite creature to portray, allowing a degree of personalization that will keep everybody happy. To add an outdoor aspect to this activity, you can take your kids rock hunting on a walk around the Reunion community or on a local hike to find the perfect canvas. After their stone masterpieces have come to life, try using an old shoebox to set a diorama scene for your new inanimate pets! 

Older kids may roll their eyes at the simplicity of rock painting, but they’re sure to love making a monogram out of small slips of paper. This craft will help them master the skill of quilling, aka filling out pre-designed patterns with small and intricate rolls of paper. Once they have completed the activity, they can frame their unique art piece and hang it up in their room — or the whole family can even join in to create a group of monograms to line the staircase. 

If your kiddos are blowing through lists of arts and crafts projects this summer, let someone else do the job of coming up with consistent ideas. Consider looking into arts and craft subscription boxes — many companies offer kits for a wide array of ages and interests ranging from science and embroidery to gardening and pottery. The fun never needs to stop!

No matter what you decide to do with your kids this summer, your Reunion home is sure to provide the perfect amount of space for everyone to explore their creativity. Drop us a line and let us know if you have any other fun suggestions to share with your friends and neighbors!