Four Fresh Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer BBQ

BBQ season is Colorado’s unofficial fifth season — and arguably the best. There’s just something about the combination of beautiful weather and surroundings, cold drinks, a hot grill, and good company that never gets old. After a long and chilly winter, we can’t think of a better way to reconnect with friends and family at Reunion. As prime cookout months approach, we’re here to help you take full advantage of the warm days by showing you how to plan the perfect summer event. Read on to peep these prep tips that will take your grill-out-chill-out to the next level.

Four Fresh Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer BBQ


The best BBQs are casual and inclusive: You want everyone to feel welcome, and the best way to make your Reunion neighbors comfortable is to plan ahead. Start by setting a date and sending out invitations with important details to relay to your guests, like RSVP info and a recommendation for what attendees can bring. Giving your guests advance notice not only allows you to plan who will actually be coming, but will also help you determine how much food to prepare. Not everybody is a design pro, so feel free to use one of these ready-made invitation templates so you can focus on what truly matters: the grill and the grub. 

Four Fresh Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer BBQ

Ready the Grill

Nothing says summer quite like the smell and taste of grilled food — the convenience, quality, and fun of this iconic cooking implement is what make BBQs a staple of American summer activities. However: After months in the shed or under a cover, our grills may require a little dusting off. Coloradans grill year-round, but if you haven’t used yours since last August, take the time to check and make sure everything is in working order. If you’re using a propane tank, ensure an adequate level of fuel to guarantee a hot enough surface for everybody’s burgers and dogs. Take time to clean the grates and the grease trap with a hard wire brush, and give those skewers a final wash before they get kabob’d up. A true grillmaster has their affairs in order so they can direct their attention to making delicious eats for the whole gathering! 

Pump Up The Jams

BBQs are all about celebration, so you’ll want a variety of music flowing to keep the energy high. To get the party moving, spend an hour or so designing the perfect playlist like you’re a DJ (even if your only job is hitting “play”). Think about what vibe you want to strike, who is coming to your party, and what music they might enjoy — or find inappropriate. If you want to bring up the mood, sunny-day genres like ‘90s hip-hop, ‘70s funk, and classic rock are feel-good jams and usually welcome at any event. If you don’t know where to start and music curation isn’t your thing, you can always find inspiration by using a pre-made BBQ playlist. 

Four Fresh Tips for Planning the Perfect Summer BBQ

Enjoy Local Brews

Coloradans are passionate about beer — and with so many local Colorado craft breweries, it’s only natural to stock your party with some of the finest brews this side of the Rockies. Luckily you can find everything you need at Reunion Wine and Spirits, conveniently located just down the street from your lovely home! While Left Hand Brewing’s Black Jack Porter, Avery’s White Rascal, and any IPA or sour currently on tap at Cerebral Brewing are sure to pair well with your BBQ fare, there really is no wrong choice when you choose to shop local. 

We love seeing our residents spend quality time together in and around their exceptional Reunion homes, especially during the dreamy Colorado summertime. Whether you go big or go small, a little prep is essential to maximize your summer barbecue experience and your friends, family, and neighbors will thank you as they chow down on amazing food and even better vibes. Not yet a part of our special community? Get in touch today to discover a real hometown where you can make cookout memories for countless summers to come.