Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Dad This Father’s Day

We’ve rounded the corner of gray May, which means summer is on its way — and so is Father’s Day! This special day presents an opportunity to express gratitude for the remarkable father figures in your life. Rather than opting for traditional gifts such as a new grilling set, watch, or — dare we say — socks, consider planning a memorable occasion filled with outdoor activities. Read on to discover exciting excursions you can embark upon together to create lasting memories, strengthen your relationship, and avoid overloading his sock drawer — all located close to your beautiful Reunion home

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Dad This Father’s Day

Tee Off a Perfect Day at Buffalo Run Golf Course

Treat your dad to a round of golf at the Buffalo Run Golf Course, a stunning 18-hole championship course and neighbor to our beloved Reunion community. These links provide a picturesque setting where you can enjoy friendly competition, practice your swing, and savor breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. When you’re done, unwind at the clubhouse and grab a delicious meal together — the slow-roasted buffalo sandwich is our personal favorite!

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Dad This Father’s Day

Nature’s Paradise for Fishing and Strolling

If your dad or dad-like mentor is an avid fisherman, bird watcher, or boater, accompany him to Barr Lake State Park, a beautiful natural oasis just northeast of Denver that offers hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and a wildlife refuge. Take a leisurely stroll around the lake, spot a range of Colorado native bird species, or rent a boat for a relaxing fishing experience. When you want to branch out from our community’s lovely parks and trails, this state park is a fantastic way to enjoy our gorgeous home state while spending quality time with Pops.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Dad This Father’s Day

Embark on a Roaring Wildlife Adventure

To step into nature and see wildlife face-to-face — bison, deer, prairie dogs, plentiful bird species, and more — head to the nearby Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. This expansive escape offers numerous opportunities to observe animals in their natural habitat, including a self-guided nature walk and the iconic wildlife drive. Keeping an eye out for wild creatures is a fun way to bond with your dad while appreciating the beauty and diversity of the Colorado wilderness. 

Pedal Along the South Platte River Trail

For fathers who appreciate an active lifestyle, grab a cup of java at Reunion Coffee House and take a walk along the scenic South Platte River Trail. This byway extends for miles, providing stunning views of the river and the surrounding landscapes. If you want to pick up the pace a little, rent bicycles from a local shop and embark on a leisurely expedition together. As you pedal along the trail, you’ll pass through parks, open spaces, and picturesque neighborhoods — it’s a wonderful chance to discover the region while cherishing valuable moments together.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Dad This Father’s Day

Venture into the Vibrant Concert Scene

Whether you groove to rock, sway to jazz, or sing along to your favorite pop hits, you can find numerous concerts and live performances happening in and around Denver all summer long. Take this opportunity to enjoy some tune-filled fun that matches your dad’s musical taste. Buy some tickets, throw a printout in a card, and voila! Quality time unlocked.

Whether you’re hiking, cycling, wildlife spotting, or enjoying live entertainment, these wholesome activities will surely make your dad’s day an unforgettable one. He’ll love it when you surprise him with an extraordinary experience in the Colorado outdoors, one where you can create memories that will have him saying “I never want to leave” — and we’ll remind him that he doesn’t have to. Our real hometown community can be yours too — get in touch with Reunion today to learn more!