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Gear Up for Back to School and Make This the Best Year Yet

We can’t believe summer is almost over! As we greet the new school year, your family is most likely preparing for the busy days ahead. Already feeling the strain? At Reunion, we’ve gathered a few ideas to help you manage hectic weekdays — from recipes for simple and nutritious meals to tips for staying organized and on top of everything.

Keep a Collective Planner

Knowing which of your kids has class or when your partner has a meeting can make a huge difference while juggling at-home education. Whether you opt for a physical planner or prefer to track everything online, having all responsibilities and commitments compiled in the same place is a boon to your entire household. Additionally, consider attaching a magnetic whiteboard to your fridge — you’ll be able to clearly see schedules on a day-to-day basis as well as know when big projects are due down the line. Everyone will be able to see relevant appointments and class times whenever they step into your beautiful kitchen!!

Create a Tranquil Office Space for All

Your new Reunion home includes flex space and additional customizable rooms so you can adapt the layout to best suit your family’s needs. Turn that fourth bedroom into an office to make working from home more comfortable, or trick it out to provide your little ones with space to do homework or after-school crafts. Options are endless when it comes to designing your home office — which must-haves are you including in your workspace?

Meal Prep Each Week

Staying on top of deadlines and homework can become overwhelming, so many find that planning out lunches and dinners for the week ahead can alleviate a bit of that pressure. While you prepare for the new semester, think about easy and portable additions to your kids’ meals. For school lunches, include delicious protein and vegetables like carrots or celery sticks paired with individual hummus packs. When pre-prepping dinners, think straightforward skillet meals for weeknights — stir up sausage and kale with a zesty spaghetti sauce or make your own homemade chicken fried rice.

Don’t let the stress of a new school year get you down! When you live in a family-oriented community like Reunion, it’s easy to make the back-to-school transition simple and enjoyable. Reach out to us today to chat about the excellent local schools or to discuss which available floorplans are a perfect fit for your life.